Deficiency symptoms Is this type of diet the cause of hair loss?

Deficiency symptoms Is this type of diet the cause of hair loss?

Vegan nutrition is currently very much in vogue, but it can lead to deficiency symptoms and hair loss. You can prevent this with a balanced diet.

Hair loss can be related to diet

Hair expert Anabel Kingsley of the Philip Kingsley Clinic in London notes that more and more young women are seeking advice and help from her about hair loss. She sees the main reasons for hair loss in the increasingly unbalanced diet. Because many of her patients are vegans or vegetarians, some of whom do without animal products completely.

If you now believe that a vegan diet is so healthy, then you are wrong. Because this diet can lead to deficiency symptoms such as protein and iron deficiency, because it supplies certain ingredients in too small quantities. The body needs both building blocks, protein and iron, for hair growth and to develop healthy hair roots.

Does a vegan diet lead to deficiency symptoms?

There are several reasons for hair loss. Stress or organic problems can also lead to this. But while the body basically has all the nutrients available for these factors, it often has to struggle with deficiency symptoms with a vegan diet. In medicine this is called telogen effluvium.

Anabel Kingsley has a guess as to why young women in particular suffer more from hair loss. With regular menstruation, they lose iron and ferritin anyway. Normally this is not a problem, but if there is a shortage of food, the body first saves on the hair and deprives it of the important nutrients.

In addition to iron and protein, the hair also needs zinc and biotin for strong, healthy hair. If your hair is dull and dull and you are losing more and more hair, check your diet first. Perhaps this is where you can find the reasons for hair loss.

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Power for your hair with the right nutrition

With the right diet, you can counteract hair loss. Fish and eggs, for example, directly provide your body with all eight amino acids you need. Our organism can only use a fraction of it from bread or vegetables.

In order to get the required amount of these nutrients, vegans would have to eat a lot more foods. By adding certain foods to your diet, you can easily prevent diet-related hair loss.

These foods stop hair loss from poor diet:

  1. Meat and fish, such as mackerel, salmon or sardines

  2. Eggs, especially the yolks

  3. Vegetables in general, green vegetables in particular, cauliflower

  4. Mushrooms

  5. legumes

  6. Wheat germ and oatmeal

  7. Nuts and sunflower seeds

  8. High quality vegetable oils

It’s all in the mix

You see, a balanced diet does not lead to deficiency symptoms. Your body benefits from a wide range of micro- and macro-nutrients and vitamins. But if you want to stick to the vegan diet, it makes sense to replace missing nutrients with dietary supplements. And this before your body signals to you through diseases that it has deficiency symptoms. If you eat a variety of things and still suffer from hair loss, the reasons for this are different and must be clarified by a doctor.

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