Delicacy and Vintage Touch in Décor
Delicacy and vintage touch in decor

Delicacy and Vintage Touch in Décor

You have most likely come across straw furniture at some point in your life. Whenever I see a piece with the material, I remember more delicate vintage environments, but nothing minimalist – very grandmother’s house, you know?
Well, I love to insert objects and furniture in the decoration that remind me of some moment in life and the straw definitely brings that nostalgic feeling, retro atmosphere and rustic touch to the environment.

Photo: The Socialite Family

It was thinking about who also likes to bring a little history into the house that I thought about this post with furniture ideas in the material. You can either use vintage pieces to compose the environment, but there are also incredible ideas with more modern models ?


I think the most common piece of straw is the classic wooden chair. To renew the old models, how about investing in a different painting? Black is a timeless solution, but nothing obvious, right?
Metal structures and compositions mixing fabrics, like the sofa with leather in the first photo, are also great options for those who want to escape the commonplace!


I have to confess that I would give anything for such a cabinet, see? This small and super charming piece of furniture instantly brings a very retro vibe to the environment. A differentiated painting in pastel colors also helps to revitalize the piece, as well as changing the handles!
For those who are more daring, it is also worth painting the straw white or black. Although the texture draws attention, the tone brings a slightly more modern footprint! Aah, and you can also just change the doors of a more traditional closet, see?


Photos: @baxter_japan and A Merry Mishap Blog

To get a little out of the more traditional straw furniture, bet on different models like shelves with hollow shelves or even impacting coffee tables. Removing the material from the most common pieces not only brings more personality to the decor, but also leaves the environment with a face more Cool!


I love integrated environments, but will we agree that sometimes we want a discrete division between spaces? I already posted about it here on the site, but forgot to mention the options for panels and straw screens!
Because they are hollow, they allow light to enter the entire environment, but create a separation between spaces. A charm, right?
Are you also one of those who enjoy a decor with history and vintage touch? If so, you can leave suggestions for topics below! I will love researching how to use different pieces in decoration ?

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