Delicate accessories for your look

Delicate accessories for your look

As you know, I love very delicate and feminine accessories! Rings, necklaces, bracelets and, if I didn’t have the reamer, I would definitely wear earrings in this style. The tiaras are also ma-ra-vi-lho-sas !!
The coolest thing is to be able to mix several pieces of the same style and put together a production full of charm!
How about getting inspired when choosing your bijoux or jewelry?



Photo 1 – Fabi Malavazi / Photo 2 – Sheer Luxe / Photo 3 – Button girl

The thin pieces or with very feminine stones look beautiful both together and separately! I confess that I love the golden rings, I think that tone is lighter. Still I love silver because it makes the look more unpretentious!



Photo 1 – Style Caster / Photo 2 – Etsy / Photo 3 – Who’s Wearing

The very thin pieces are in themselves very delicate. Even the biggest ones (like photo 2) look more minimalist! Joining necklaces of the most varied sizes also makes the look cuter.



Photo 1 – Who’s Wearing / Photo 2 and 3 – Etsy

The mix of bracelets looks amazing! Female pendants, those that refer to nature or even those with more modern designs are great options to complement a more basic look. Details always count for a lot!



Photo 1 – Cat Bird NYC / Photo 2 – Lovin Blog / Photo 3 – BuzzFeed

As I said, I can’t use these beauties ? But I can still admire the ears of those who can! I love several holes and pircings! See how to get super feminine? Just try several mini earrings that look great !!



Photo 1 – Etsy / Photo 2 – Clothing ideas / Photo 3 – Refinery 29

You don’t need to put on that classic pearl necklace to make your look feminine. The smaller pearls – or imitations – look amazing on this more delicate footprint. Pendants or very small earrings are already a charm and make everything lighter.

In the head


Photo 1 – Bela Thee / Photo 2 – Bhldn / Photo 3 – Jennifer Behr

If you want a very delicate look for a party, you can bet on accessories for heads! Bands and headbands with applications and shine will leave your look elegant and feminine in the right measure!



Photo 1 – Pinterest Reproduction / Photo 2 – Lovin Blog / Photo 3 – Pop Sugar

No need to be afraid to wear several bracelets, many rings and several necklaces in the same look! Because they are thin, they do not weigh and it is super easy to combine. This more classic touch in jewelry and bijoux complement the look in the best way.

I already have several of these items! How about you also invest in these accessories?

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