Delicate decoration for those who love animals!

Delicate decoration for those who love animals!

There is no denying that decorative objects in the form of animals leave the decoration more cute. This type of item can give a new look to the decoration, without leaving the environment with a more childlike atmosphere. Even places with more serious characteristics can be beautiful with some article in this style. In cases like this, bet on objects made of darker wood or ceramics!
Now, let’s focus on those decorative items full of charm and a lot delicate. Lighter and more metallic touches are some of the most common ways of seeing animals represented. To add these pieces to the décor, be sure to take advantage of the spaces to make the environment even more your face ?

Delicate decoration for those who love animals!

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I selected three incredible ways to honor pets through decoration. So, if you are looking for inspiration and ideas, you can start writing down the tips!


One of the simplest ways to bring an animal touch to the environment is through pots. In addition to being beautiful, the plants are another way to make the space more alive and colorful. If you are not very attached to nature, just put an artificial plant to avoid having to take care of it.
Ah, another positive point of the pots is that they can be incorporated into the space in different ways. You can choose table cups, by of Wall or by those who stay hung on the ceiling. I confess that I think they are all cute, so I recommend that you make a mix and put one of each type in different environments ?

On the shelves

I believe that everyone has at least one shelf at home, right? They often end up being disorganized or not highlighted in the decoration. But, this can be changed by adding a single decorative object. For this type of place, the metallic items are highlighted. If you prefer a more discreet style, opt for smaller pieces and delicate design.


There’s something better than enjoying the decor for something practical and functional? Pieces such as jewelry boxes and bookends are great examples of how necessary items can have a different design and contemporary.
In addition to making your home or office more organized, the objects end up being super useful. Paperweights and lamps are also very creative ways to bring that pet footprint into the environment. For people who love to save, nothing better than investing in a cute piggy bank ?

Where to find?

Delicate decoration for those who love animals!
1- Cat Ceramic Vase in the Collector – R $ 35.00
2- Zoola Coelho na Muma ring holder – R $ 35.00
3- Woody Vase in SouQ – R $ 79.00
4- Urso Branco Adornment at WestWing – R $ 59.90
5- Decor Serendipity Plate at SouQ – R $ 99.00
6- Mini Porcupine Vase in the Luster of the Castle – R $ 35.00
7- Owl Wall Vase in the Castle Luster – R $ 25.00
8- Porta Bijoux Llhama at MinD
9- Pets Pets Mini Cachepot – R $ 24.00
10- Giraffe Cachepot in Home Decor – R $ 36.00

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