Delicate dessert plates

Delicate dessert plates

Receiving loved ones at home is one of my favorite things and of course I pay attention to every detail at this time. I’m not talking about sophisticated crockery and a lot of labels, in fact, I’m the type who loves to make people feel at home!
However, as you know of my passion for cute and different dishes, I love a beautiful and charming table. Plates with fun and delicate phrases are my favorites when serving dessert ?

Delicate dessert plates

Photo: Complete Recipe

I really like mixing styles to make table decoration more relaxed, you know? As I usually buy my dishes on trips, I end up bringing few pieces of each model and, in general, I usually mix everything.
Most of the time my plates are white, so I think the mix is ​​very modern and delicate ?

Delicate dessert plates

Photo: This Ivy House (Tumblr)

As you keep asking me where I find these plates, I decided to make a small selection with very cute models to buy online. Look how delicate it is:
Delicate dessert plates

  1. Tok & Stok | R $ 28.50
  2. Cosi Home | R $ 75.00
  3. Cosi Home | R $ 75.00
  4. Collector | R $ 39.00
  5. Storehouse | R $ 31.00

I hope you like the suggestions of pieces and maybe they will inspire you to set up a table all different at the holidays ?

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