Delicate Hair Accessories

Delicate Hair Accessories

Hair accessories can change your everyday hairstyle a lot, right? A simple ponytail with hairpins gains a more elegant and sophisticated face! I’m a big fan of the more organic design pieces in gold or silver – it looks glamorous and delicate ?

hair-accessories-danielle-noce-1 Picture – Etsy

Combs, clips, clips and tiaras are my favorite accessories. I really like the pieces with application of glitter and pearls, they are elegant and super feminine. The cool thing about the accessories is that you can even transform a more basic look into something more interesting ?

hair-accessories-danielle-noce-2 Photos – Afro Desiac worldwide (Tumblr), Dress of the Day, Muffy takes Manhattan, Shoppesignora, Man Repeller and @analidialopess

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