Delicate wall sculptures

Delicate wall sculptures

There are several ways to decorate the wall, be it with pictures, murals and panels, niches … Another thing I love are the sculptures! There are thousands of options, but my favorites are the delicate ones with wire or steel, like these:

Photo 1 – Gold leaf design / Photo 2 – Etsy / Photo 3 – Chole Berk

Looking more at these sculptures, I got to know the work of the Portuguese artist David Oliveira. He makes super delicate and very difficult pieces with wire. Look that:

Photos – David Oliveira

I selected some beautiful sculptures:


  1. Wall sculpture Carbon steel wind tree in Velha Bahia | R $ 2,321.00
  2. Chromed Umbra Flowers Wall Sculpture on Etna | R $ 49.99
  3. High quality metal wall sculpture, Metal crafts wall on AliExpress | R $ US $ 42.11
  4. Sculpture Word Love at Valentina’s House | R $ 135.00
  5. Square grid panel in Velha Bahia | R $ 967.00

Ready for a more minimalist decor?

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