Delicious recipes to make with family
Delicious recipes to make with family

Delicious recipes to make with family

Being with people we like is delicious. Cook with them, then? Not even spoken. I separated some infallible recipes to leave you all there at home with a smile on your face and a well-satisfied tummy. In addition, enjoy listening to music and soothe the soul while preparing food and drinks!
I love Gordon Ramsay’s family program – in addition to making amazing dishes, the kids always give special help (don’t worry, in this program he behaves very well: P)
Shall we start with a tasty drink? No alcohol for everyone to drink and have fun!
Pink Lemonade is guaranteed success; D

Mini Galettes with goat cheese and tomatoes
One kneads the cheese, another prepares the dough, you bake the tomatoes and in a short time you will have some delicious galettes to enjoy all day. Nham!

Gastronomism Funghi Risotto

Since I discovered the incredible taste of funghi and the amount of recipes that can be made with this mushroom, I fell in love with it. Preparing a risotto is something special and very easy, but patience is needed when stirring the mixture without stopping. So, nothing better than doing this delight with loved ones – preferably playing relay to mix!

Croque Monsieur
Ô perfect recipe to do with the family! It has everything to transform the afternoon snack into a real banquet with lots of cheese; D
For dessert, tchanan! These chocolate donuts with Nutella will make you want the time to eat them never to end, never again. I swear.

Reese’s homemade, because it’s so much better and so much more fun!

Kisses and good company!

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