Delicious recipes with condensed milk

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Despite writing on a confectionery website, I try to maintain a healthy life, I swear. During the week I avoid sugar, exercise, drink hibiscus tea (actually, I’m kind of addicted to it, so I have no problem taking several cups a day hehe) and so on. But look, I’ll tell you something. It’s difficult. It is difficult to deal with so much photo of the most tempting sweets every day, for several hours. Sometimes it just happens. I drop everything for half an hour, walk to the kitchen and open cupboard for cupboard, drawer for drawer after ingredients that, together, form something delicious to satisfy the sudden desire for a little increase in blood glucose kkkkkk
And isn’t it that a condensed milk can be a hand in the wheel in times of despair? I don’t like it when its flavor is very pronounced in dessert because it burns in the throat so sweet, that’s why I believe you can have the right measure of sweetness. Here are some recipes for you to venture out and enjoy one of the best moments in life: eating. After all, life is short. Eat dessert first; D
life-is-short-eat-dessert-firstAnother newbie mom
This dessert is one of those very fresh to eat after lunch on a cold and sunny day. And of course the delicious cream is made with the favorite ingredient of Brazilians and the star of this post: condensed milk.
delicious cream with strawberries 1delicious cream with strawberries 2
If I’m not mistaken, that was Fran Oliveira’s debut recipe here at ICKFD. They are beautiful and resemble those of Homer Simpson, right? Hehehe
I saw this recipe when Gi posted on the Easter special and I was very curious to try it! The roulade does not need to be baked or anything, since there is no flour in the dough – which, incidentally, is also made with condensed milk. See if that temptation can.


Speaking of coconut… Ai ai ai ai. This coca that the boys of Miolos Fritos made made my mouth water. It’s very simple to make and it’s kind of like grandma, you know? Without much sophistication but with incredible flavor! Worth it. I’m going to go looking for the grated coconut; D
[youtube]u4vDkhnWxO8[/youtube]5. LEMON MOUSSE IN LEMON
I loved the idea of ​​Cozinha Para 2! It is cute to present dessert like this, although it may be a little tricky to remove the core from each lemon. Well, what matters is that the recipe is super appetizing and in that cute style of Carol and Duca’s videos. Check out:
[youtube]bc-P6ttfQAU[/youtube]6. CONDENSED MILK PUDDING
This is classic! If this post was missing I would be committing a heresy.
how-to-make-pudding-condensed-milk-ickfdickfd-condensed-milk pudding

[youtube]54hcXqyqh74[/youtube]6. BRIGADEIRO, because right.
I chose one of the most delicious! From Ovomaltine! Enjoy; D


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