Delicious weight loss This diet drink declares war on the kilos

Delicious weight loss This diet drink declares war on the kilos

Who says that losing weight is all about eating the right thing? A special diet drink can also help shed the pounds. A drink made from just three ingredients now has the best chance of helping the summer figure on the jumps.

High temperatures, light clothing – a look in the mirror brings it to light: One or the other pillow shows up, there is a need for action. But what to do Instead of a stressful diet, a quick-mix diet drink might help. And it is also suitable for summer, because it not only revs up the metabolism, but also quenches the worst thirst.

Would you like an alternative? This diet drink also works!

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Weight loss drink
Fat Flush Water: Shed pounds with this diet drink

Are you looking for an effective weight loss drink, but don’t want to consume an overpriced chemical club? Then the Fat Flush Water is just right for you: We’ll clarify what’s in it and what’s on the new trend drink …

Remarkable success within a month

“” is now reporting on a drink that is supposed to help shed a hefty ten kilos in four weeks. And the drink has other advantages: It is easy to prepare and the ingredients can be found in every pantry. If this is not the case for you, you can easily buy them in the supermarket around the corner.

Below in the video you get tips for the maximum fat burning!

Lose weight: 10 tips for maximum fat burning

What belongs in the diet drink?

Sounds simple and it is: You only need two teaspoons of honey, one teaspoon of cinnamon, one teaspoon of coconut oil and a quarter of a liter of still water. By the way, you don’t have to buy the latter and carry it home in bottles. In Germany, tap water, as it comes from the domestic tap, can be drunk without hesitation. Tap water is the best controlled food ever. Stiftung Warentest (Edition 07/2019) has just presented a new study in view of concerns about glyphosate and Co.: Here it says: “Our water from the tap is safe.”

You should mix all ingredients well and then enjoy – half in the evening before bed, the other half in the morning before breakfast, i.e. on an empty stomach.

This is how you can tell whether your diet is really working:

Diet, lose weight, scales

Lean successfully
These 3 signs will tell you that your diet is working

If you want to know if a diet is successful, you shouldn’t just listen to the scales. We’ll tell you what else to look out for.

And why does this combination work?

All components of the diet drink are said to have effects that stimulate the metabolic processes in the body – your scales will prove it after just a week.

cinnamon, obtained from the dried bark of cinnamon trees, is known for its slimming properties. The aromatic powder revs up digestion and fat burning in your body. But cinnamon can do more. A few pinches in muesli or in hearty dishes can ensure that our feeling of satiety lasts longer.

Cinnamon can also help curb candy cravings. He also brings an interesting flavor that gives food and drinks that “certain something”. A pinch of coffee is also worth trying – simply for the sake of the taste kick.

honey provides the necessary sweetness for the drink. Even if honey, like any kind of sugar, should only be on the menu in moderation, it is definitely preferable to refined white sugar. It is absorbed more slowly by the body and has a much more complex taste.

The sweetness of honey, a purely natural food, dissipates the appetite for other delicacies. In addition, honey has health-promoting antioxidants that intercept free radicals – the cause of many diseases. It is also credited with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of the antioxidants, honey is also beneficial for heart health, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

Coconut oil In recent years there has been more and more talk of health. As with any oil, the fat content is high, but coconut oil is still a fat burner because of its stimulating effect on our metabolism. Not all fat is the same – the fatty acids it contains are decisive.

Fat is an indispensable source of energy and coconut oil in particular is particularly easy to digest. It helps against bacteria, viruses and fungi – also externally, by the way.

Fitness devil alcohol? An expert explains



Health expert explains
Why you should stop drinking alcohol if you want to lose weight!

Health expert Sabrina Wolf explains: This is the influence alcohol consumption really has on physical fitness.

Do you feel like trying the diet drink? Only – combined with a healthy and balanced diet, you will quickly feel the effect of losing weight. Those who exercise a lot can support this process even further.

Simple and ingenious: lemon water as another drink with potential

Lemon water – about half a lemon in a glass of water – is a real miracle cure. With the help of the fiber pectin, lemon juice limits fat absorption. Drunk before a meal, the pectin swells in the gastrointestinal tract and you feel more saturated.

The vitamin C it contains strengthens the defenses and the immune system at the same time – because nothing is more annoying than a summer flu. B vitamins, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium from lemon help keep the brain, nerves and muscles fit and efficient.

Because the antioxidants – for example vitamin C – intercept free radicals that promote premature skin aging, lemon water helps your summer skin. The elasticity of the skin also benefits. And the antioxidants found in the sour yellow citrus fruits are also believed to have a positive role in reducing the risk of cancer. Lemons have a dehydrating and blood-purifying effect, and the potassium content can help lower blood pressure.

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