Demoiselles de Chavenay

Demoiselles de Chavenay

Many times when we go for a walk or even live in another country, we end up getting to know only the capital or at most some other big city in that country. When I came to live in France I spent a month living in Paris and then I moved to a very small country town, a few dozen kilometers southwest of Paris, called Chavenay. I chose to live in this city, instead of living in Plaisir, as many students of Lenôtre do, because I fell in love with this village with stone houses, flowered windows, poles with ties with gardeners, huge fields of flowers and cows, all of them bucolic atmosphere of the inner city.
There are only 1800 inhabitants here, that is 1802 now, D, a small market, a real estate company and a DELICIOUS restaurant, called Demoiselles de Chavenay. It’s amazing how even in this tiny French town, forgotten in the midst of cows and plantations, you can find a magnificent restaurant. Its menu changes every week and only works with fresh, seasonal products. This pearl is commanded by two women, Chef Sandrine and his partner Lorn! These two women (actually girls my age) plan, care, develop the menu, cook, serve, that is, they do absolutely everything! They are the owners and also the sole employees of the Demoiselles de Chavenay.
chavenay Almost every week I stop by there, or to eat or chat about the course with Sandrine. But this Sunday was special because they served a Mother’s Day menu (yes, Mother’s Day here in France is celebrated in June). entrée with olive puffs and yam cream: the dough was super light and the flavor of the olives was further enhanced by the frozen yam cream. Then we moved on to the starter, a crab and crayfish Emietté with artichoke and sesame cream: I will be honest that I am not a big fan of cold “meat” in general, but this Emietté had something sweet, which mixed with the artichoke cream and made a perfect bed for crayfish and crab; spectacular! it was a veal with spices and mini vegetables that was coming apart so soft. And for my final delight, a dessert esa, the kind that only Sandrine knows how to make: deconstructed red fruit crumble with raspberry ice cream and a glass with verbena foam and cherry coulis. BABEI!

demoiselles2 So I say, it’s worth it’s worth taking a car and venturing into these small towns around Paris, or maybe even more to the south of France. And here, in Chavenay, I can guarantee that you have a sure destination!
Demoiselles de Chavenay is located at 2 bis, Rue Cham du Caillou, Chavenay, France.
Tel: 01 30 54 56 41
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