I don’t know about you, but I love getting into an environment with that nice smell in the air, whether it’s a cake in the oven, cleaning or some flavoring. In fact, there are many options for diffusers and flavored products for the home, right?
It was thinking exactly who also loves a delicate smell in the environment that I decided to make this post talking about each of these aromatic products!



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These are my favorites, after all, in addition to perfuming the environment in a gentle way, they work as great decorative elements ? Raising a candle to relax after a tiring day is almost a therapy, really. And on that famous “spa day” it is practically a must!



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Who has never had that straw diffuser at home? The piece also works as an adornment and delicately perfumes the space. The good thing about this type of diffuser is that once opened, you don’t have to worry anymore! For those seeking practicality this is the perfect choice.



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The spray really smells more intense when applied, but it will soon go away. Try sneezing a little bit of it on the bedding during the day even for a more peaceful night. The most calming fragrances like lavender, chamomile or cedar are very welcome at this time.



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Another practical option for peaceful nights. The candle may even be more charming, but you can’t leave it burning overnight, right? Electronic diffusers are excellent substitutes and go well in any corner of the house, especially in the bedroom. In addition to leaving a pleasant smell in the environment, these products work as humidifiers and lamps ?



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For those who really have a more intense aroma, incense is still a great alternative today. It only works when lit, but it still scents the house a lot, right?



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Sachets are my favorite products to put in cupboards and drawers. There are several anti-mold options that still have a super pleasant aroma. If I were you, I would start using more, see?


1- Lemongrass Phoenix incense at Americanas – R $ 13.90
2- Wood Electric Diffuser at Americanas – R $ 335.00
3- Perfumed Spray for Rosemary Sheet by Le Lis Blanc – R $ 69.90
4- L’Oocitane Relaxing Essential Oils – R $ 99.00
5- Lavender Flavoring Candle from Alchemia at Renner – R $ 39.90
6- L’Oocitane Verbana diffuser + refill – R $ 220,00
7- Jasim Aromatizer Sachet at The Body Shop – R $ 23.00
8- Tropicália Diffuser in Granado – R $ 64.75
9- Perge Roses Scented Candle at Shop2gether – R $ 119.00
10- Perge Bamboo Spray at Shop2gether – R $ 135.00

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