Desire: Utensils and Accessories Copper

Desire: Utensils and Accessories Copper

I don’t know about you, but I am the type of person who loves a new kitchen utensil, crockery and all kinds of accessories to complement the table decoration. And if there’s one thing that I’ve changed over the years, it was my taste for this type of piece. In the past, I loved super printed and colorful pieces, but nowadays I prefer more minimalist versions.
However, anyone who thinks I am looking for basic parts is mistaken, quite the contrary. Okay, I really prefer white dishes, but I can’t deny my passion for metallic utensils and accessories, especially copper! Despite drawing a lot of attention, the pieces of the material are timeless, delicate and super-charming ?


Desire: Utensils and Accessories Copper

Photo: Crate and Barrel

There are so many types of pots that it is difficult to decide which one to buy, right? It is not by chance that there is even a post about it here on the site, but the fact is that a copper pan is not only a good conductor of heat, but also makes the kitchen decor much more beautiful!


In my “clean” phase, I confess that the details are what make the difference in the composition of a table and that’s why I like unusual cutlery so much. The effect is, yes, discreet, but I guarantee that everyone will notice the care you took when serving!


Now, if there’s one thing that a lot of people comment on in the videos, it’s about my copper measuring cups. I bought mine at Anthropologie on a trip and I can’t deny that I like the piece too much! The kit really works as a delicate “adornment” in the kitchen ?

Coffee Mugs

Desire: Utensils and Accessories Copper

Photos: Lemon Tree Dwelling and Half Baked Harvest

I can’t think of copper mugs without remembering a good Moscow Mule! The drink almost always comes served in a piece of the type and the presentation is charming, right? As a mug aficionado, I couldn’t leave this piece out of the selection!


Trays, bowls, teapots, pots, napkin holders, pan rest … When it comes to kitchen accessories, there are no shortages of items on the list! I am sure that none of these parts will go unnoticed if it is copper.

Home appliances

Desire: Utensils and Accessories Copper

Photos: Pinterest and Kitchenaid Blog

I couldn’t stop talking about electrical appliances! Usually, these pieces are on the countertop or displayed on the shelves, so I think it is worth investing in a beautiful model that complements the kitchen decor! I think it was clear that with copper there is no mistake, right?

Where to find?

Currently, it is not difficult to find pieces of the material or with a copper finish, but of course I would not fail to make a selection of beautiful pieces available for purchase ?
Desire: Utensils and Accessories Copper
1- Cooper Mug at Storehouse Home Decor – R $ 95.00
2- 3 Liter Copper Pot at ShopTime – R $ 258.99
3- Spice Holder Condiments 7 Pieces for Bar in Americanas – R $ 147.99
4- Cooper Line Tray at Tok & Stok – R $ 119.90
5- Dessert Fork – R $ 14.90 | Dessert Knife – R $ 19.90 | Dessert Spoon – R $ 14.90
6- Copper Handicraft Ball in Copper at Elo7 – R $ 219.90
7- Set of Stainless Steel Measuring Cups in Barra Doce – R $ 34.10
8- Classic Copper Osterizer Blender with Glass Jar (600W) at Americanas – R $ 266.65
9- Cooper Jomafe frying pan on Etna – R $ 129.90
10- Cooper Bent Rest at Tok & Stok – R $ 65.50

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