“Desperate Housewives” -Teri Hatcher These tips will keep you fit and young like the Hollywood actress

"Desperate Housewives" -Teri Hatcher These tips will keep you fit and young like the Hollywood actress

The older we get, the more important our health and everyday well-being are to us. The same goes for 54-year-old US actress Teri Hatcher, who shares her everyday tips for a healthy and fit life.

Many celebrities have tips for healthy aging – but we love to see something from this Hollywood actress! The 54-year-old Teri Hatcher, known from the series “Desperate Housewives” or “MacGyver”, has been in show business for three decades and uses these little tricks to keep herself healthy, young and fit.

This is how you stay healthy and fit

It’s been 30 years since US actress Teri Hatcher first appeared on the screens, and she has barely aged a day since then. In line with her 55th birthday next week, she will reveal the secret of your youthful charisma.

This is how you avoid the most common menopausal symptoms


Healthy eating
With the right food, menopausal symptoms are reduced

Menopause is associated with many complaints that can be very uncomfortable. Proper nutrition promises relief. We’ll tell you how to do it!

To take a cold shower

She starts her day with an ice cold shower to get “mental clarity”. She copied this trick from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, who also swears by the fresh shower in the morning. “I started with it and it was really wonderful. I never thought that an ice cold shower could really change your mood,” said the 54-year-old.

Morning walks

Teri Hatcher swears by regular activity in order to trim her body so that it can continue doing this in the future. She meditates a lot and goes hiking in the Hollywood hills every morning.

Fresh meals

The 54-year-old carefully pays attention to a fresh and balanced diet, which mainly consists of fruit and vegetables. Here she tries to avoid ready-made meals entirely, as they damage our skin and health in the long term. “Why shouldn’t we make the decision to stay away from ingredients that doctors tell us to be harmful to our health?” Says the Hollywood beauty on her YouTube channel “Hatching Change”, which she has been discussing with topics since 2018 Health and Nutrition operates.

Food supplements

The actress recently became the global ambassador for a dietary supplement that strengthens hair. However, Teri Hatcher believes that such supplements can only work with the right diet and exercise. The 54-year-old admits to yourhealthyliving.co.uk that her hair went up and down. In her youth she had rather thin hair, but it recovered during pregnancy. After the birth of her daughter, the hair became thicker and with the menopause came the “hormone roller coaster ride”. That’s why every woman over 50, says Hatcher, should speak to her doctor to check her hormonal balance so that she is getting all the nutrients here.

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