Desserts to make on Father’s Day

Desserts to make on Father's Day

We separate one list of foolproof desserts for you to gift your dad in the next Sunday. Every day is a day to thank for the good people around us, but if there is a special date, like the Father’s Day, why not value it and show our affection even more? I know that each family is one and sometimes life is not like a margarine commercial, however it is always important to see the good side of things! And this I can tell you for sure: everything is more beautiful with a little sugar and affection!
Desserts to make on Father's Day
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How about starting the day with a nice breakfast? This one has everything your father is entitled to: toast with egg, lots of bacon, fruit and a very special juice; D
Desserts to make on Father's Day
You can also call your papi to help you prepare french toast stuffed with dulce de leche or Nutella! It will be fun: while one kneads the bread, the other spreads the filling and the production line does not end until you have irresistible rolls ready to be eaten!
Desserts to make on Father's DayDesserts to make on Father's Day

Is there a father on earth who can say no to that? Think: layers of wafer biscuit interspersed with caramel and chocolate to infinity! It’s very, very much love.
Desserts to make on Father's Day
This Grand Gâteau is a dessert worthy of applause, Sunday lunch, Father’s Day and any other that deserves a celebration full of joy. I’ll explain what it is. Inside this jar is a generous layer of petit gâteau covered with lots of chocolate ganache and chopped strawberries. The final touch is to make the air lose: a condensed milk popsicle to create that mixture of hot with ice cream and … Phew. I’m speechless. This is a mix of sensations and your father will love it!
Desserts to make on Father's Day
Speaking of chocolate, this pie is another thing I’m going to tell you, see. If the photo doesn’t speak for itself, here I go to give the details to you. The base is made with chocolate wafer and crushed hazelnuts and then covered with a salted caramel sauce that can remind you of those childhood candies. Finally, comes the generous and indulgent dark chocolate ganache. What about? Click here for and recipe; D
Desserts to make on Father's DayDesserts to make on Father's Day

Now, if your father is not a fan of chocolate, which I highly doubt but that’s okay – everyone has their own taste – you can prepare the Dutch pie. She is super creamy and is a national passion. For a “German pie” version, just alternate layers of cream and wafer. Total success!
Desserts to make on Father's Day
Another thing that is always good to do is brigadeiro, right? This has a touch for over 18: whiskey; D
Desserts to make on Father's Day
And, speaking of touches more alcoholic, these cheesecakes are delicious. The flavor is orange and Cointreau, perfect for a Sunday of joy!
Desserts to make on Father's Day
These soft, caramel cubes will make your father feel like a child again!
Desserts to make on Father's Day
Another sweet tip to make on Father’s Day is alfajor. Biscuit that melts in your mouth, dulce de leche on a whim and a little bit of grated coconut to give that chili in your mouth. I’m sure the whole family will love to get their hands dirty and prepare these beauties!
Desserts to make on Father's Day
If you want to surprise, the bacio pie is the right choice. It is an intense cake, made with lots of chocolate and love. Difficult to resist so much temptation; D
Desserts to make on Father's Day
To end this post full of sweetness that can be shared with you and your father, I recommend a cake that reminds you of childhood and arouses a lot of joy just by putting your eye on it. Caramelized bananas, fluffy dough, the smell of cake all over the house. This is delicious and irreplaceable!
Click here for recipe
Desserts to make on Father's Day
I wish you a happy day with the one who, grumpy, different, full of quirks, quiet in his own way, thoughtful, is capable of anything for you. Value every moment and enjoy life. After all, it can be sweet.
Desserts to make on Father's Day photo: Pinterest

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