Details to make your party even more beautiful
Details to make your party even more beautiful

Details to make your party even more beautiful

When you plan a party, you want everything to be perfect! The guests have to have fun, the food has to be delicious, the sweets are irresistible and, of course, the decor is impeccable!
If the party is at home, you already know how hard it will be, right? But take this opportunity to make the most of your creativity when setting up tables and decorating the room! Here are some tips:



Photo 1 – Jess’s World / Photo 2 – Buzzfeed / Photo 3 – Home and Garden

Party balloons are not restricted to children’s buffets, see? They are great options to make the environment more colorful and cheerful! Adapt them the way you prefer – I, for example, already fell in love with the balloon in the second photo.
Another cool idea is to freeze the balloons with water and leave them in a bucket with the drinks! In addition to being cute, they are great for not wasting water.



Photo 1 – Ixi Girl / Photo 2 – Ratchet Free / Photo 3 – Feedly

Lighting is an essential point in decoration! As you will not change all the lighting for a party, bet on candles and decorated lamps. There are several options and you can support yourself. Using bottles, spray painting or even a fouet are cheap and super delicate options!



Photo 1 – Pretty My Party / Photo 2 – My Baking Addiction / Photo 3 – A little snippet

Finger foods and snacks are already super cute. Just choose the ideal container and that’s it! Thanks for the snacks in baskets with balloons! The salads look amazing in glass jars and the sauce in a beautiful jar! Another great tip is to use the ice cream cone as a support for popcorn or cheetos.

do it yourself


Photo 1 – Oh, happy day / Photo 2 – Jely Bean gold / Photo 3 – 100 layer cake

As I said, there are several accessories and objects that can be adapted and used in the decoration! I separated 3 of them with lots of glitter! It’s all very basic and simple, but they give a very special touch!

Details on the table


Photo 1 – Home and Garden / Photo 2 – The Time has come / Photo 3 – We Like House

Table decoration is a great start for testing new ideas! Why use mason jars to store cutlery? And iron cages to place flowers and create a bucolic mood? A table full of details in glass and transparent plastic is also a great tip!
Ready to make an amazing decoration for the next party?

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