Detox & Cleanse trend juice cures in the test: Which provider REALLY keeps what it promises?

Detox & Cleanse trend juice cures in the test: Which provider REALLY keeps what it promises?

Four weeks, four juice cures – a colleague from the Marians Welt team took up exactly this challenge. And for you: Because at the beginning of the year, the motivation is (still) unbroken to provide a new sense of wellbeing with a juice cure. But with which one? High time for a test! And the results really surprised us …

Every year … hardly anyone can resist the culinary temptations that lurk everywhere between Christmas and New Year’s Eve – regardless of whether it’s grandma’s cookies, the chocolate Advent calendar or the family dinner. After the holidays at the latest, however, the rude awakening follows: the clothes fit tighter and you don’t feel really comfortable anymore. Mainly because the body is acidic, after all, 80 percent of our food has an acidic effect. But what really helps to bring the body back into balance? Looking at the current food trends, the answer can only be as follows: a juice diet.

Juice cures à la Hollywood: What do you need to know about how it works and the advantages and disadvantages of a juice cure? You can find out here:

Gwyneth Paltrow & Co. |  Star juice cures for everyone

Gwyneth Paltrow & Co.
Star juice cures for everyone

Gwyneth Paltrow, Heidi Klum and Jennifer Aniston swear by juice diets. Fortunately, you no longer have to press the juices yourself!

So it’s no wonder that there are now countless juice cures with promised detox and cleansing effects on the market. And they all look the same at first glance. There are definitely differences. In the Marians Welt test, the juices from “Yuicery Saftmanufaktur, “Pressable, “Private Detox and “Juice Delightund yes: Our brave (and voluntary!) tester actually tried out all four juice treatment providers on her own body. However, not to (only) lose weight, but above all to give your body a complete restart after a successful change in diet.

So much in advance: six juices per day are part of the concept of all providers. In addition, the duration of the treatment can be determined by yourself – from one day to a week. However, it is important to prepare the body for the upcoming cure, as the providers recommend. From “Pure Delight It is advised to eat an alkaline diet one week in advance and to avoid animal proteins two days before the start. And also “Yuiceryrecommends maintaining a vegan diet after the cure in order to achieve a holistic result for body and mind.

In the juice cure test: Yuicery Saftmanufaktur

“Yuicery is a Munich-based company supported by YouTube star Karl Ess (28). The bodybuilder from Stuttgart has been vegan for years and is considered the personification of a healthy lifestyle. The latter is also in “Yuicery in focus: daily freshness and quality without having to forego anything – that’s what it’s all about for the owners. This also means that every juice is only freshly squeezed to order and shipped via express throughout Germany. This is precisely why customers can choose between three different juice cures: the “High Power Protein Juice Cure”, the “Classic Juice Cure” and the “Green Juice Cure”.

Advantage: “Yuicery dispenses with the so-called high-pressure pasteurization process (HPP process), in which important microorganisms are killed. You also have the option of buying each juice individually. On the one hand, you can try beforehand what the individual juices taste like, and on the other hand, you can get a healthy dose of vitamins “to go” even without a cure concept on.

Disadvantage: For a juice regimen that lasts longer than four days, you get two deliveries. This means that you have to be home every time to accept the delivery. Sometimes that is difficult to combine with everyday working life.

Result of the Marians Welt test after one week “Classic Juice Treatment from “Yuicery: For me, the ‘Yuicery’ is one of the two test winners. I noticed the quality of the production and the loving choice of ingredients in every product – and there wasn’t a juice creation that I didn’t like. Top!

In the juice cure test: Pressable

“Pressable is the chick in the juice cleanse business. The brand offers very different juice treatment concepts. A unique selling point: coconut and watermelon water. These two drinks are allowed in addition to the juice treatment. And that is exactly what helps, especially when the familiar weaker self has to be outwitted again. In most juice mixes, “Pressbar on the wonder ingredient apples – no wonder, after all, those responsible claim of themselves that they are real “apple junkies to be.

Advantage: “Pressable works with many types of fruit and vegetables that are rarely seen at other suppliers: strawberries, pomegranate and watermelon.

Disadvantage: In contrast to the competition, there is only 250 milliliters of juice per bottle. With six juices a day, you only get 1.5 liters. Other providers fill an average of 500 milliliters in a bottle.

Result of the Marians Welt test after one week “Detox juice cure from “Pressbar: The eager apple lover gets her money’s worth here. Due to the apple base, however, many juices also taste very sweet – sometimes too sweet for my taste. This makes the cure particularly suitable for newbies who have no experience with classic detoxing, which sometimes brings with it less pleasant taste experiences.

Speaking of which: how good are juice diets for our bodies? You can read that here:

A juice regimen with vegetable and fruit juices is a wonderful detox alternative to a fast.

This is how good juice diets are for our bodies

Cleansing with a juice regimen is a gentle alternative to fasting. Both the internal organs and the skin are strengthened after this detox kick.

In the juice cure test: Private DetoxBox

Finally get rid of ballast, go through life more easily, feel better – this is the declared aim of the founders of the Swiss label “Private DetoxBox”. How do you intend to put that into practice? Above all with products suitable for everyday use: if you have little time to “detoxify” your body, this should be made easier for you. The boxes should make it possible to “eat healthily and lose weight naturally” – for example with the “Juice Cleanse” treatment. The juices come in two deliveries. There are six bottles with very different mixtures per day. However, there is also the option of ordering a “FoodBox”. It consists only partly of juices, but is supplemented by a solid meal (e.g. salad).

Advantage: “Private DetoxBox also offers juices with activated charcoal, which should flush all toxins out of our body. A nice side effect that expresses the cleanse idea.

Disadvantage: In contrast to the competition, the bottles from “Private DetoxBox no label with ingredients and nutritional values ​​available.

Result of the Marians Welt test after one week “Juice Cleanse from “Private DetoxBox: The addition of activated charcoal to individual juices really pays off and is a real plus point for the brand. I also find the ‘FoodBox a great alternative. So if you want to try both cleansing and detoxing, this is the right place for you.

In the juice cure test: Pure Delight

The mother of all juice cure providers has been out and about in a new look for some time and proudly presents itself: “Pure Delight offers both pure juice cures and cure alternatives with soups or clean food. If you don’t always want to order everything online, “Pure Delight also the possibility to buy the juices on site in Munich.

Advantage: “Pure Delight also dispenses with the HPP process and complements the classic juice treatment with so-called “beauty shots”“: They are supposed to provide an additional vitamin boost.

Disadvantage: The cures start at 48.00 euros and therefore have their price.

Result of the Marians Welt test after one week “Classic Cleanse from “Pure Delight: ‘Pure Delight’ is the number two test winner for me. The brand is well established, there are real professionals at work and that’s exactly what you notice immediately: ‘Pure Delight’ offers special care during the cure in the form of experts and nutritionists. This means that even juice cure beginners are in good hands here.

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