Detox Diary Day 2: Why is there cake here?

Detox Diary Day 2: Why is there cake here?

Day two of the detox cure and still no (mental) improvement in sight. More and more side effects are slowly becoming noticeable. One thing is certain: it is not as easy to drink as you might think.

I’m slowly starting to understand why everyone looked at me so amazed when I told them about my detox plans. Five days only juice, what was I thinking? Somehow the appeal of the impossible was greater – now I have the salad. Literally. In bottles.

After the few potatoes punished me yesterday evening, I started again this morning, motivated. Just set it to zero, once is not a time. And a healthy lifestyle just costs. Money, waiver, nerves. Especially when two cakes are placed in the office kitchen during the detox week. Chocolate and cheesecake, someone wants to annoy me. I can smell the cake right where I am. So the sensory perception is already sharpened.

Huge calorie deficit

But one problem remains: I drink and drink and am still hungry for death. And headache. Sometimes I feel like I can’t get my juices down. And my ear has been pounding since I got the smell of sausage snails and sauerkraut while having lunch with colleagues in the canteen. Then the thought occurs to me, how many calories am I actually consuming with the thin juices?

Calculate times. “Macaf ** ca” has 326 calories, “Pineapple Express” only 208, just like “Liquid Salad”, “Carrot Kid” only has 203 calories and is therefore the narrowest drink. “Just Beet It!” Brings 246 calories back to the table, my night drink “The Cure” 293. A total of 1,484 calories. Phew This puts me well below my calculated basal metabolic rate of 1,506 calories – if I continued my exercise program as usual, my daily calorie requirement would be around 2,710. No wonder I’m tired.

Quite a lot of numbers. One thing is certain, even if the cure is about detoxifying and not about losing weight, I’ll definitely lose a few grams with the juices. A nice side effect if I weren’t that hungry (I have to have the stomach volume of a hippopotamus).

Half the cheesecake is still standing in the lounge and laughing maliciously. Cake has never survived so long in the editorial office. I sense a conspiracy.

Day 3 definitely has to get better after so much cake frustration!

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