Detox Diary Day 3: Will the juice come out of my ears?

Detox Diary Day 3: Will the juice come out of my ears?

Halfway there. Luckily. Because slowly I can no longer see the juice.

Half time in my juice diet! Seldom have I been so happy about a Wednesday. Because that means there are only 12 bottles of juice left in front of me. Yes, the persistent liquid is slowly coming out of my ears. It is a miracle that my teeth have not yet fallen out from being under-challenged. I never thought chewing was so great – I’m usually not a fan of patiently chewing 30 times before you swallow. But you only notice what you love when you no longer have it.

Eat! Solid food! Warm food! In fact, I’ve been freezing since the start of the cure and my circulation is really troubling me. Should be normal, but it’s still not fun. Especially in winter, refrigerator-cold juices don’t taste that intoxicating, and everything in me craves a hot soup.

Sensitivity like a dog

My sense of smell is still sharpened. And obviously impaired – while everyone is complaining about the colleague’s freshly cooked broccoli soup and tearing open the window, I am eating with my nose, so to speak. How good that smells! Yesterday on the way home I smelt a distant pretzel in the subway, very tempting and incredibly tasty. There are temptations for everyone. Individual. Day. Another colleague goes shopping today and asks if she can bring something. “Pizza! Noodles! At least a cheese sandwich! “I think, but say:” Everything is fine, thanks. “

Well, I’m not really well, but I don’t want to be a loophole. Last night I received the dubious compliment: “You look pale!” Whether I shouldn’t discuss such a juice cure with a doctor. Maybe – but normally I am super tolerable when it comes to food, I have no allergies, no nutritional deficiencies, I do a lot of sport. Should be right.

At least I can say positively: I sleep like a baby. I’m tired in the morning anyway. And to be honest, I had so little desire for the juice today that I only drank two bottles by afternoon. So one could argue that the constant hunger is slowly going away. But also the desire for the juice treatment.

Otherwise, I hope that what everyone says is true: After the third day, things are going uphill.

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