Detox Diary Day 4: It’s uphill!

Detox Diary Day 4: It's uphill!

It’s actually going uphill. But with a lot of effort – the mountain resembles Mount Everest.

Okay, it’s official: I’m a juicer. Even on day 4, I can’t get much positive out of “Karrote Kid” and Co. – because slowly I just can’t get the vitamin bombs down. Usually I’m the absolute smoothie fanatic and always available for an extra green drink. Beetroot? Delicious! Spinach, cucumber and pineapple? Bring it on! I am all the more disappointed in myself that I fail so miserably on this self-experiment.

Can you be allergic to such an over-healthy diet? I miss my French fries (which I actually only eat as an accompaniment to mayonnaise) … My whole wheat pasta with peas & crème fraîche, my sweet potato stew! You sweet hearty ones, you’ll have me back soon!

Climbing a mountain of French fries is easier

In fact, as promised, it has become a little easier, at least with regard to the side effects: The headaches are no longer so protracted, I am also not so cold anymore, so my circulation seems to be slowly getting used to the low-calorie, refrigerator-cold diet (fridge-cold will be my favorite word of the week after the last frosty days). I’m not that hungry either, even though I only drink the juices at very long intervals and in the evenings I like to pass one or the other bottle to crazy, curious people. The cure has not culminated in a frivolous renunciation of spices, chocolate and coffee.

On the contrary, my “bad” habits only seem to intensify the juice diet – because I have never thought so much about food (and that very greasy, overly spicy, hot crap). Can I keep my cravings in check after my withdrawal? Or am I already threatened with a feeding orgy on the weekend? Then the five days of torture would have been in vain.

In any case, I’m really looking forward to the final spurt tomorrow. From next week my colleagues won’t eat anything to me, ha!

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