Detox Diary Day 5: The Juicy Verdict

Detox Diary Day 5: The Juicy Verdict

The days of no solid food are over. Time to draw a conclusion.

Well, it’s only been four and a half days. Because if there is champagne and cake on a Friday, then I will no longer be the one who sucks on her juice bottles instead. Even if I completely contradict the principle of detox – on an occasion that requires two cartons of sparkling wine, you can quickly throw your good intentions overboard.

Sounds like the juice diet wasn’t so successful for me? Well, there were fruits in abundance. Could they rid my body of preservatives, flavor enhancers and the like and wean it off? My head is definitely still screaming for it. However, I now enjoy the supposedly “unhealthy” stuff much more consciously and in moderation. Maybe it’s the fear of another toothless week.

Drinking juice is no walk in the park

Anyone who has followed my non-nibbling days knows: I found it incredibly difficult. On day one I was so hungry that I had to sin in the evening. Day two was fine if you neglect the headache and the constant freezing. Day three was the worst: where are the fries ?! Day four? It didn’t get any better either. Oh, let’s leave that.

Yes, I am a lousy. If I always thought I had tremendous self-discipline, this juice regimen taught me better. To be honest: Instead of going through the whole thing in Beyoncé fashion, I whined about my surroundings and dreamed of chocolate. And with the constant feeling of hunger, in the end I didn’t manage to get the juices down my throat.

Taken in isolation, the antidote juices taste super delicious (except for the “liquid salad” maybe, but there should be celery fans too …). So whoever needs an extra vitamin kick is well served with individual bottles. Everyone can drink them, because the juices are unprocessed, cold-pressed, vegan and organic and (unfortunately) only contain fruit and vegetables. So they are not a problem with allergies or gluten intolerance, unless you are allergic to apples. Because it is in almost every one of the juices.

If you work a lot, you have to eat a lot

But especially in stressful situations and on days with crammed to-do lists, I can only recommend such a cure to a limited extent. In some people, juices may have a Popeye effect (I’ve read enough, after all), but on busy days I just missed the good fats and carbohydrates that make my body work. I know that stress cannot always be foreseen in advance – but who knows that after the nine-hour day in the office he has to work two hours on the laptop at home or who is renovating his apartment on the side, should possibly postpone the cure, until the furniture is all back in place.

If you generally always have heat, you can do the juice treatment without any problems even during the cold season. But if you get cold feet quickly (and I’m not just referring to my official Luschen existence), you should consider replacing the last juice in the evening with a warm soup. Because you get cold by removing solid food in lightning ice. And that on the first day. So if you have no space in your shoe for grandma’s thick wool socks …

In general, it can’t do any harm to discuss such a cure beforehand with a trusted family doctor. Because side effects can actually go beyond headaches and flare-ups: Impure skin, nausea and dizziness can also occur in an emergency. I am actually of a strong nature, but the unusually low-calorie, liquid diet has thrown me a lot too.

A new challenge?

But before I talk bad about everything here: Maybe it’s just me, the Lusche. The pimples came just in time for the weekend (yay!), But I definitely don’t want to deny fruit and vegetables their positive aspects. In any case, you can’t go wrong with a 3-day treatment. If you want to test your discipline. And not just about to start a half marathon (because additional physical exertion is not possible with the minimum of calories). Even if I didn’t press the reset button I had hoped for, I still try to eat more consciously. And the piece of cake tastes all the better because I can now really indulge myself.

Oh, and it was really nice not having to think about what to buy for dinner for a week …

So was day one of the juice regimen!

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