Detox recipes 3 healthy juices to make yourself

Detox self-experiment This is what three days of juice regimen really bring!

If Hollywood stars do it, why not you too? Simply press your detox juices yourself. You know what’s in it!

The principle of Detox juices sounds easy – it is. To yourself again to feel good in his bodysimply go without food for several days in a row and instead enjoy juices made from fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts. Thanks to the pure ingredients, the high Content of nutrients and vitamins your body is stimulated to detoxify and purify.

The positive consequences are numerous and hardly all can be listed: Your skin becomes clearer, your general well-being improves, your digestion is relieved and you lose weight, and not too little. Your favorite juices don’t necessarily have to be green! Detox juices get the most out of all fruits, herbs and fresh vegetables!

1. Dark green power – from apple to lamb’s lettuce

This juice impresses with its deep green color and gives the right momentum for the day. Equip your juicer with green apple, celery, spinach leaves, parsley, lemon, ginger and lamb’s lettuce. All of these ingredients have a fast detoxifying effect and are full of vitamins and minerals. Tip: It’s best to drink this juice right after your 500 ml of ginger water in the morning, because then your body will be really flushed out!

2. Protein bomb with nut

In addition to all of the detoxifying vegetables and fruit juices that you should consume throughout the day during a detox juice regimen, you should not forget proteins. The body deserves a rich juice, especially in the evening. Take cashew nuts, figs, sesame seeds and cinnamon soaked in water. Mix all ingredients in the high-performance mixer with 500 ml of purified water and enjoy!

3. Red like love and it keeps you young!

Not only does this juice have a fabulous detox effect, it also contains natural anti-aging ingredients. It is the juice that postpones the aging process! Juice plums, carrots, apple, lemon, and ginger. Vitamin C and carotenoids bind free radicals in your body, while ginger and apple detoxify your body quickly and effectively.

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This is what the stars of detox cures think!

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