Detox self-experiment This is what three days of juice regimen really bring!

Detox self-experiment This is what three days of juice regimen really bring!

Spring is in the air, the bikini season is not far away. High time to declare war on winter fat. No wonder that detox cures are on everyone’s lips. It should shed the pounds particularly quickly and effectively. But what are the benefits of three days of juice and how hard is it? A Marians Welt editor tested it. Your conclusion …

Spring is back at last! It couldn’t be better, actually. Actually … Because winter has left its mark. Not only do I indulge in the cold weather blues and find it hard to get out of bed. What bothers me even more is the fact that my favorite jeans have tightened over the past few months. That was probably a little too much …

But this year I’m going to fight the extra pounds. With the help of the 3-day “Private DetoxBox” cure, I want to put my body in the mood for spring and give it a little energy boost. Said and done!

My detox cure will be delivered by express on the day of your choice. The package includes all 18 juices, so six for each day, straws, a nut mix and the note that all further information will follow by email. The bottles are well packed in cool bags with additional cold packs so that the cold chain cannot be interrupted. When I put the bottles in the refrigerator, I try to get a first impression of what is in store for me based on the color and the ingredients. I am ready and happy. I’ll show the bastard and my family.

The sequence

A total of six juices are served every two hours per day. You should also drink three liters of water. Because with detox it is particularly important that the body is supplied with sufficient fluids. Solid food should be completely avoided in order not to counteract the detoxification process. If that is particularly difficult, you can, for example, snack on a few nuts.

Here we go

The sequence of the detox juices is given by the numbering of the bottles, but you can of course also determine yourself. I will quickly notice how much you will look forward to certain juices. The first day began full of anticipation, even if my family was a little skeptical when they saw the first and at the same time black juice. Amazingly, it tasted very fruity and quickly became one of my favorites. Because thanks to the activated carbon in the “Blacktox” I wanted to uproot trees within a very short time. A real energy booster for the perfect start to the day. Then there was “Greentox”, “Bluetox”, “Mintox”, “Pinktox” and “Whitetox”.

My conclusion

All the juices were wonderfully fresh and delicious, so I never had the feeling that it would be difficult to get through the days. Because, surprisingly, you are pleasantly full the whole time. I never felt like I was starving. Of course it takes some effort at the beginning, but the successes that the body experiences within a very short time are priceless.

Not only have I lost a few pounds, I also feel fit and balanced. For me, one thing is certain: I will definitely do it again this year and then venture out on more than three days.

You can find more information about “Private DetoxBox” here

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