Did you think it would be easier? Me too!

Did you think it would be easier?  Me too!

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I’ve tried everything to lose weight, and you? It seems that the closer you get to 30, the harder your life gets and the bigger your butt gets, no matter if you had a child or not. Mine is huge. Finally I reached 30, and now with an aggravating factor: I just returned from a pastry school in France and put on more than 10 kilos. In a year and a half I managed to finish my body. I didn’t exercise and ate everything I could eat in a year or so. I just ate something nice and well done, but I ate too much, I passed the bill.
10 out of 10 women in the world want to lose weight. You and I are certainly in it too. A lot of people ask me how I can be so thin and eat so many sweets. And the truth is, I’m not that thin. I’m probably 10 kilos over my ideal weight now – I say probably because I don’t have the courage to climb on the scale. Tomorrow I promise that I will do this and reveal the final weight, the size of the anvil and the size of the weight on my conscience. As I told you, I put on weight in France while I was studying there and I can’t complain, because I didn’t put on processed food or sachets. I gained weight with good food and very well done. But the fact is, I gained weight and it doesn’t matter how. The hard part is losing and you know it as well as I do.
To make my situation worse, I came back from a trip and I couldn’t enroll in a gym because I broke my finger. Apparently, you cannot enter any gym in flip flops, even if you are going to use only the weight machines and your foot is broken. And just a week ago I remembered that I could go back to Pilates. I returned! Three times a week and I’m already feeling dead. Even though I missed it on Friday and got a hell of a burden on my conscience. In fact, I think that weight loss is this: weight on the indefinite conscience. You get to the point that even an apple is a lot. Well, actually I hope to get there, because for me not even 5 cupcakes is a lot.
Well, this is going to be my diary / my weight loss column, frustrations about not being able to eat what I want or not being losing all the pounds I thought I would lose in the time I would like to lose. You will be able to follow and do this dietary reeducation together with me, also give a hunch and even comment on your diet, as I am sure you should be on one too.
In fact, you may be asking yourself, “Wow, but Dani, who would kill for dessert is going on a diet? Nutritional education? As well?” That’s right, simply because I want to eat more, enough of eating and then having a heavy conscience because I gained weight. I want to lose weight to eat, so I will undergo this painful process, because I know I will be rewarded by a delicious panna cotta at the end of life; D #how exaggeration
Let’s go to the practical part. I started reading a book called Cook Yourself Thin (if you want to follow what I’m going to do, buy it too, but I still don’t know if it’s good or if it works) and I will rely on it and others I’m reading to try to get into this process . I know it won’t be easy and I will probably have a lot of relapses, but who has never?
For a change, like any diet magazine or book, this could not be different, it starts with one of those tests for you to identify how terrible you are and do not know how to eat properly. I read and answered all the questions. Then I counted if I had more A, B, C or Ds. Like the initial of my name, I had more Ds, which always makes me terrified, because it is always better to be between the B or the C, which probably means that you must know more or less something, because being on the ends is something that nobody wants to be, especially to know about your personality and potential for weight loss.
Well, enough with all that and let’s go to the verdict:
“But Ds.
You have a desire for Comfort Food. ” (Yes, obviously and who doesn’t? I mean, people in groups A, B and C may not have it, but that’s not the case with me. Now let’s see what is bad. Because there is always something bad)
“You love food and home cooking. Some of your favorite recipes have been in your family for years, and just the smell of them makes you feel safe and happy. ” (So ​​far so true, my mom is practically Nigella and my aunts are all the same, now why this is bad I don’t know)
“You are also a foodie and love to try new restaurants.” (It’s practically my job, how to get away from it?)
“You have a good idea about nutrition and how to create a dish that is full of flavor and that satisfies you, but the concept of controlled portions does not enter your head.” (I totally agree, do what?)
“Some of your methods and ingredients are as old-fashioned as your recipes (epaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa … (Knowing I know, but it looks so much better with: D) #withbutterisalwaysbetter
“Fortunately, our recipes cut calories without compromising taste or ceasing to be comfort” (EHHHHHH; D)
“Open your mind to new ingredients and techniques and you will feel cozy without having to look like a teddy bear.” (So ​​I hope)
After this sabbath and this woman practically seeming to know who I am and how many kilos I am weighing, I thought it best to go to sleep and leave the rest of the book for tomorrow, including the diet. And did you manage to start yours today?
Text posted on 10/16/2013 in I Could Kill For Dessert. The column I already put on weight for less joi transferred to this blog.
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