Diet 5 Signs You Should Be Eating More Protein!

Diet 5 Signs You Should Be Eating More Protein!

Since every single cell in the body needs protein, you should always provide your body with enough protein. Find out how to recognize protein deficiency here!

1. You find it difficult to lose weight

If you hardly lose any weight despite dieting and regular fitness training, it could be due to a lack of protein. Proteins keep you full for a long time and the body even burns calories during digestion. Give it a try with a high-protein diet – the first kilos will certainly fall off faster!

2. You get sick often

Proteins have a huge impact on the immune system. In order to use antibodies to defend itself against pathogens, for example, it needs a large amount of proteins. Iron deficiency can also weaken the immune system. Therefore, you should not only pay attention to proteins, but also to an increased iron intake.

3. You often have swollen feet and legs

Swollen feet and lower legs can be a sign of acute protein deficiency. Proteins are responsible for ensuring that salt and water do not escape from the blood vessels and are distributed in the surrounding tissue.

4. You have dry and uneven skin

An irregular skin texture is also an indicator of a protein deficiency. So if all moisturizers, lotions, and scrubs fail to improve, increasing your protein intake can try to rebalance your skin.

5. You suffer from hair loss

Hair loss can have many reasons. Hormones or iron deficiency, but also a permanent protein deficiency, can be the reason for hair loss. If the body does not get enough protein, it stops growing hair. Growing hair is put into sleep mode and will eventually fall out.

The symptoms mentioned can also be signs of serious illnesses. If there is no improvement, you should definitely consult a doctor!

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