Diet 5 Signs You Should Eat More Fiber

Diet 5 Signs You Should Eat More Fiber

Unfortunately, fiber is far too often neglected in a healthy diet. You are particularly important for a healthy body!

Dietary fiber strengthens the immune system and ensures healthy digestion. Here’s how to tell you should be eating more fiber.

1. You have irregular digestion

The greatest benefit of a high-fiber diet is regular and reliable digestion. If you are constipated or have to go to the bathroom infrequently, your body is probably lacking important fiber.

2. You are hungry again shortly after eating

High-fiber foods have the practical property that they keep you full for a long time. While nutritionists focus too much on proteins and healthy fats, many forget about the important properties of fiber. These slow down the digestive system so that the body can calmly process all the important nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the food it has already consumed.

3. You suddenly get tired

If you suddenly feel tired in the office for no good reason, it could be a sign of a fiber deficiency. If you try to avoid fiber during your diet and compensate for this deficiency with proteins and fats, your body will unfortunately not be adequately supplied. A constant fiber intake keeps the energy level constant throughout the day!

4. You eat a lot of ready-made and frozen foods

If you often resort to ready-made products or frozen food due to lack of time, your body will unfortunately not be supplied with the necessary vitamins, minerals and, above all, fiber. While vegetables, fruits and whole grains are full of fiber in the process of making frozen foods, you lose a large amount of it. So rather rely on fresh and unprocessed food!

5. You have fluctuating blood sugar levels

When you feel tired, hungry, and thirsty it is often a sign of high blood sugar levels. On the other hand, if you feel weak, shaky, and even a little confused, your blood sugar level is likely very low. If these states alternate several times a day, it could be due to a lack of fiber. Dietary fiber ensures a balanced blood sugar level – all day long!

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