Diet 6 secret calorie killers

Diet 6 secret calorie killers

Did you know that you burn a lot of calories in everyday life, almost by the way? We introduce you to six secret calorie killers!

Are you looking for one effective diet? Instead of starve, you’d better do it more often watch tv, shop or clean! Because in everyday life burn calories easily!

1. Cleaning

If you’re in the middle of spring cleaning, you know how exhausting cleaning can be. Vacuuming, washing windows or ironing are namely real calorie killers. After a Fifteen minutes of vacuuming a woman weighing 65 kilograms already has about 60 kilocalories burned. Also at Make beds you can go up to 70 calories burn. Bring your apartment back into shape and do something for your body at the same time.

2. Watch horror films

Researchers at the University of Westminster found that looking at Scary or horror films up to 130 kilocalories burns. About as much as with one 30 minutes walk. When scary, it becomes Stress hormone adrenaline released, which leads to an increase in heart rate and thus makes the body work.

3. Kissing

Give yourself plenty of time while making out, because Kissing burns calories! A only French kiss is already burning 12 kilocalories, because pulse and body temperature rise and thus stimulate the metabolism on.

4. Climb stairs

Refrain from elevators and escalators and better climb stairs! If a woman (weight: 65 kilograms) Climbing stairs for 15 minutes, she just burns 80 calories. You should also do without your car from time to time and with the public transport or bike drive!

5. Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine!“And also burns calories. Will average 50 kilocalories burned when one ten minutes laughs. When you laugh, the Release of the stress hormone reduced and the body’s defenses activated.

6. Shopping

Yes, ladies, you heard that right, too shopping you burn calories. If you For 15 minutes Strolling from shop window to shop window, you already have about 33 kilocalories burned. If you still buy food go and the full bags for 15 minutes haul home, you have again 120 calories burned. You can top it all if you can Beverage crates wear!

See in the video: “Diet self-test – intensive weight loss cure in five days”: Diet day 1 – But that’s not much!

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