Diet Burn Fat With The Acai Diet

Diet Burn Fat With The Acai Diet

The acai diet is not built on a complicated model of only eating certain foods or counting calories. Rather, the pounds should shed off with the help of the acai berries.

The berries are said to stimulate digestion and boost fat burning. They grow on acai palms, which are native to South America. Since 2005 they have been considered a promising means of losing weight. In addition to many vitamins, the diet berries should also contain many unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants. These counteract free radicals and can thus prevent the cells from aging. The berries are also said to promote the development of muscles due to their high protein content.

Acai berries support weight loss

Either fresh berries or products made from the fruit, such as capsules, powder or juice, can be consumed. In addition to taking the berries, it is also recommended to change your diet and exercise. The acai berries are primarily intended to have a supportive effect and not to be viewed as a miracle cure for weight loss. Stars like Britney Spears and Renée Zellweger reportedly swear by the acai diet. Up to 10 kilograms of weight loss in a month should be possible with the diet. However, experts consider this to be unrealistic and unhealthy. There is also no scientific proof of the advertised effect of the berries. Rather, the change in eating habits and increased sporting activity seem to lead to success.

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