Diet change How you can lose weight with an alkaline diet

Diet change How you can lose weight with an alkaline diet

Most people who switch to an alkaline diet not only want to lose weight, but also do something good for their entire body. They often suffer from weakness, sleep disorders or general malaise. By permanently changing your diet, you can eliminate these complaints and at the same time lose weight.

This is what makes an alkaline diet

Whether you want to lose weight with an alkaline diet or not does not initially matter. The basic diet is based on the division of food into basic and acidic foods. The latter should lead to the fact that too many harmful acids are formed in the organism and stored in the form of so-called “slags” – especially in the intestine, which is impaired in its function. By eating more alkaline foods, your body is detoxified and reactivated, so that the sluggish digestion gets going again.

This is how the alkaline diet helps you lose weight

The alkaline diet is well suited for losing weight because instead of one-sided diets, a long-term change in diet is used. “Acid formers” such as meat, fat, empty carbohydrates, sugar and fast food, but also luxury goods such as coffee, alcohol and nicotine are greatly reduced. Most fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, are alkaline foods and make up the main component of an alkaline diet. Incidentally, acidic foods do not have to be avoided completely, but always combined with basic foods – such as suitable vegetables or spices. This does not create the feeling of renunciation in the long run. Even if the division into basic and acidic foods and the concept of waste products is scientifically controversial, the basic diet usually leads to an overall healthier lifestyle and is quite beneficial for losing weight.

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