Diet Drinks Stroke Risk! They really are that dangerous!

Diet Drinks Stroke Risk!  They really are that dangerous!

Diet and light products are not cures for weight loss. But nobody would have guessed that they are even life-threatening

Researchers around the world are sounding the alarm and are of the opinion that the supposed slimming products should no longer be considered a healthy alternative to the high-sugar and high-fat original products, as “Dailymail” now reported. During a ten-year study with around 4,400 subjects, the researchers found that people who drink at least one diet drink a day are three times more likely to have a stroke or develop dementia than people who do not. With the original products, which are not considered “light”, this unsettling effect could not be found.

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Worrying development

The demand for diet products is growing steadily. So it happens that the supposed thinning agents already make up a quarter of the market for all sweetened drinks. There is still too often the assumption that such drinks are a healthy and, above all, delicious alternative to water and therefore make you slim with ease. In reality, however, it looks completely different: The mostly effervescent drinks activate the sugar receptors in the brain and thus create an almost unbearable desire for sweets – and that’s exactly what you want to avoid on a diet.

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For someone who wanted to lose weight easily with the sweet drinks, here’s the bad news: They not only prevent weight loss, but in the worst case can even be life-threatening. Therefore (unfortunately) take the old-fashioned alternative – water and lots of sport!

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