Diet frustration proven: body shaming makes you fat!

Diet frustration proven: body shaming makes you fat!

Get Rid of Extra Pounds? That alone is not child’s play. And stupid sayings don’t make it any better either. On the contrary! A study shows: those affected even increase …

Summer is just around the corner and with it comes the bathing season – slim bodies in tight bikinis and hardened muscles everywhere. A horror for many who carry around a few pounds too much. Because they not only suffer from being overweight, but also from the feeling that they are not accepted by society.

Hollywood star

Hollywood handsome
I beg your pardon? He didn’t get a role because he was “too fat”

With this shocking confession, a US actor shows that not only women in Hollywood are subject to insane ideals of beauty.

Hollywood gives us the idea of ​​perfect dream bodies, whoever deviates from the norm is out. Keyword: body shaming. Victims of this trend of bullying have to reckon with constant criticism for their appearance and struggle with the prejudice of being “lazy” and “undisciplined”. Especially when it comes to sport, overweight people are often smiled at or criticized for their looks by well-trained, slimmer people. A vicious circle: Those who have just gone to the gym with motivation will soon avoid the training location out of shame and consoled themselves with frustration.

More pressure, less success

Losing weight is a difficult undertaking in itself, and success depends on many factors. Perseverance is required! Body shaming increases the pressure massively – and prevents diet success. This is now even confirmed by a study by the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia: Half of the test subjects suffered from the criticism of their weight, the other half were not impressed by it. The result: In the first group, the risk of a metabolic disease was three times higher than in the second. In their study, the scientists found a connection between confrontation with critics and a poor metabolic diagnosis. The reason: Criticism is not seen as a motivation, the exact opposite is the case. Anyone who feels attacked because of their weight reacts stressed. So he doesn’t get on the cross trainer, but prefers to eat sugary and fatty foods. The result: instead of reducing weight, he even gains weight.

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