Diet Goodbye diet madness: curves are back in fashion

Diet Goodbye diet madness: curves are back in fashion

Put an end to the diet madness: At this year’s Berlinale, actress Veronika Ferres proved that curvy women with well-trained curves are quite acceptable again.

In keeping with the current “Muppets” film, Veronika Ferres got support from the cult figure “Miss Piggy”. Although she is only a doll, she is, like Marilyn Monroe back then, with her curves as particularly sensual and self-confident. Because it is important for women with curves that they stand by their figure. There is no reason to torment yourself with diets!

Veronika Ferres shows shoulder

Instead, Veronika Ferres and many other female actresses like Christine Neubauer know how to skillfully stage their proportions. At the Berlinale, Veronika wore a breathtaking, black sequin dress, floor-length and sleeveless. The highlight: Veronika Ferres has emphasized her favorite parts of the body, arms and shoulders, with her trained upper arms and thus distracted them from the hips. How can you keep your pretty curves? For this, you should attach importance to a balanced diet and training. The daily energy requirement is often exceeded by superfluous things like sweets or alcohol. In order to cover it, according to Onmeda, you should consume “around 55 to 60 percent of your daily energy intake via carbohydrates” and “10 to 15 percent via proteins”. The online health portal also advises never to set the fat content in food at more than 30 percent. It is better to remove high-fat foods such as cheese, chocolate or fried foods from your diet. This is the only way to lose weight, because the body needs much less energy than is commonly believed.

This is how the pretty curves remain

We can only guess how exactly Veronika Ferres trains her curves and arms. But the best workout is a mix of equipment training and endurance sports like swimming. However, in addition to exercising, you always need to keep your diet in mind. After exercising, it is best not to eat anything, as fitness experts advise. It is better to eat “good carbohydrates” such as whole grain products beforehand in order to work them off with your training. This is how you can lose fat and shape your curves. Confidently take a look at your own body and find out what your chocolate sides are that need to be emphasized. Then shopping is also more fun – especially if you need an evening dress for a special occasion like Veronika Ferres for the Berlinale .

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