Diet How healthy is the new Pink Latte?

Diet How healthy is the new Pink Latte?

If you like Matcha Latte, you will love Pink Latte! The new trendy drink not only looks particularly beautiful, but is also supposed to perform real beauty wonders. We explain what the hype is all about and whether the drink is really as healthy as it is claimed.

Think pink! The Pink Latte is currently THE in-drink and is hyped like no other by bloggers and food gurus. No wonder, after all, the pink milk drink not only looks particularly beautiful, but also promises quick beauty and diet success.

And best of all: Now the trendy drink has finally made it to Germany! Numerous cafés and coffee shops are already offering the Matcha Latte successor. But does the Pink Latte live up to its hype, and is it really as healthy as everyone claims?

What’s in the Pink Latte?

The basic ingredient of the Pink Latt is of course milk, preferably soy, almond or coconut milk. The dragon fruit, also known as pitahaya, is responsible for the pink color of the drink. There are three different types of this. However, only one of them contains the aromatic pulp, which is responsible for the bright color. In Asian countries, the pink dragon fruit can be found in almost every grocery store, but in this country it is more exotic and is therefore only available in selected specialist stores and supermarkets. However, you can easily help with dragon fruit powder or beetroot juice to get the girlish pinkish pink of the lattes.

Healthy or not?

Even if the dragon fruit is not traded as a superfood, it is still rich in calcium, iron, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins B, C and E. These substances are extremely important for bones and teeth, blood formation, the nervous system and also for the Structure of the connective tissue. The antioxidants contained in dragon fruit also reduce cell damage, which is responsible for skin aging. Because the pitahaya consists of 90 percent water and is therefore very low in calories, it is also ideal as a diet booster.

If you combine coffee and avocados, it can only be a success.

Latte from the cup? True hipsters only drink from the avocado!

We could come across this coffee variation more often this summer. Because it has everything a hot drink needs to be successful with hipsters and avocado lovers.

The pink latte variant with beetroot is also extremely healthy, because it also contains a lot of iron, phosphorus and antioxidants. However, you have to cut back on dragon fruit powder. The healthy ingredients are not found in the same proportion as in the fresh fruit.

Why the hype about the drink?

It’s PINK! This fact alone should make many a woman’s heart beat faster. The fresh pink-pink therefore goes perfectly with summer. It is also vegan and a low-calorie alternative to coffee, frappuchino or milkshakes. And of course it also tastes heavenly! The fruity aroma of the dragon fruit is reminiscent of the taste of strawberries and kiwis and makes the drink the best refreshment in hot temperatures. Who wouldn’t want to try it?

Pretty gaudy: the smurf latte

Crazy coffee trend
Now comes the smurf latte

Probably the healthiest drink of late summer: the smurf latte is packed with nutrients and makes you beautiful and slim. We reveal what’s behind the blue drink.

How do you make the Pink Latte yourself?

For the Pink Latte you need a fresh pink pitahaya – either pureed or you use the dried pulp. To make the drink, fill a glass with heated or cooled vegetable milk, then stir in half a teaspoon of the powder or the pureed pulp. If you like it a little sweeter, you can add vanilla flavor or half a teaspoon of melted cocoa butter. At the end everything goes into the milk frother and is mixed once – and your homemade pink latte is ready.

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