Diet Lose weight quickly with the Max Planck Diet

Diet Lose weight quickly with the Max Planck Diet

Lose nine kilos in two weeks and maintain the weight for three years: the Max Planck Diet has been enticing with this prospect for many years. If you’re ready to skip rolls with jam in the morning, it’s worth a try.

You can’t go wrong with the Max Planck Diet. Eggs, meat, fruit and vegetables are allowed. Carbohydrates and fat are prohibited. This makes the nutrition plan quite clear and the planning for the two-week diet easy. The day starts with black coffee and a dry bun. At lunchtime, you can choose between steamed fish, steak, grilled chicken or boiled eggs. In the evening you can look forward to natural yoghurt with fruit, enjoy a delicious egg salad with tomatoes or freshly prepare a raw vegetable salad. Alcohol, even in small amounts, is not allowed during the diet.

Simply lose weight without complex recipes

The Max Planck Diet is well suited for working people, as meals can be swapped for lunch and dinner and do not require much planning. However, this diet requires a lot of perseverance. You may want to give up eggs after just four days and start thinking seriously about going vegetarian from the second week onwards. However, you shouldn’t give up too quickly: With the Max Planck Diet, you can lose a few pounds in a very short time. Since a metabolic change is set in motion by the one-sided diet, there is a good chance that you will actually not gain weight afterwards over a longer period of time.

Max Planck diet not scientifically proven

Even if the name suggests it: the diet was neither developed at the Max Planck Institute nor is it recommended by nutrition experts. It is regarded as one-sided and unbalanced and, because of the threat of nutrient and mineral deficiency, as a health hazard. Nutritionists would therefore not recommend the Max Planck diet. In no case should you stick to the diet for more than two weeks. In view of the reduced menu, this recommendation will certainly meet you.

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