Diet Metabolic Balance changes the body chemistry

Diet Metabolic Balance changes the body chemistry

Although “Metabolic Balance” is based on the idea of ​​its founder Dr. According to Wolf Funfack, this is not a diet in the classical sense, but weight loss should also be possible with this nutritional concept.

In order to enable weight loss, an individual nutrition plan is created, which is supposed to harmonize the personal body chemistry with the appropriate food chemistry. Metabolic Balance is a concept that aims to change your diet over the long term. At the beginning, the 35 required laboratory values ​​are determined based on a blood sample, which should provide information about the individual body chemistry. Based on the values, a program is then put together that includes a list of foods as well as a meal plan and various eating rules.

The four phases of metabolic balance

The nutritional concept is divided into four phases: In the first phase, the body is prepared for the following change in diet for two days. Afterwards, the established plan must be strictly followed for two weeks. A meal must be weighed exactly and taken three times a day. After a relaxed conversion phase, the maintenance phase finally follows. During the entire change in diet, program participants are supported by trained advisors. The costs for this amount to 400 euros or more and are not covered by the health insurance companies. Experts complain that it is unclear how exactly the blood samples are evaluated. The preparation of the individual food list is also opaque and lacks scientific evidence. According to the nutrition experts, the fact that many people have already lost weight with Metabolic Balance is not surprising. A low-fat, high-protein diet could also lead to weight loss more cheaply.

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