Diet miracle This woman has lost 30 kilos – thanks to Instagram!

Diet miracle This woman has lost 30 kilos - thanks to Instagram!

It is not about a new diet concept, but much more about the right motivation. This is exactly what a young woman found on Instagram and managed to lose 30 kilos and stay slim over the long term.

Under the account @Itsdaniellesjourney, the British Danielle French (28) posted on Instagram her way from being overweight to an absolutely slim silhouette with around 30 kilograms less on the hips. Because one day she noticed that it no longer fit into her clothes. That was the decisive moment in March 2015 for the start of her diet, as her wedding was due the following year. She didn’t want to celebrate her as overweight and still regret it years later when she looked at her wedding photos.

Danielle signed up without further ado with the organization “Slimming World”, which helps people lose weight. And: She started looking for inspiring accounts on Instagram, where other women in the same situation report on their successes. Danielle also started her documentary about weight loss in this way and managed to fit into a size 34 just in time for her own wedding day.

Her weight decreased, but her confidence increased

And Danielle has not only achieved her dream dress size, but also greater self-confidence and better health. In addition, she is now serving as a role model for thousands of people to start dieting, follow it through, and switch to a healthy diet. The many recipe ideas that she shares in addition to the numerous before-and-after pictures on Instagram really make you want to eat low-calorie cuisine. And that is exactly what the right motivation is all about: the loving followers and their comments make you strong to persevere and achieve your diet goal!

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