Diet Much discipline in the New York Diet

Diet Much discipline in the New York Diet

Without discipline, nothing works on this diet. The New York Diet demands a lot of effort and is guaranteed not for the uninspiring. In his New York Diet, David Kirsch combines a classic low-carb diet with a challenging workout.

With this diet you can show your passion for sport and your will to discipline. If you persevere, you will notice the success immediately. Up to seven kilos can be lost with the New York diet in the first two weeks alone.

Discipline for a lifetime

If you’re more of the laid-back diet type, try the New York Diet out of curiosity. The diet is based on a high-protein diet which, together with the exercise program, should stimulate the metabolism. The three-phase diet is designed for a total of eight weeks. During this time you hardly consume any carbohydrates. Instead, protein-rich foods are on the agenda, along with endurance training with cardio and muscle building. The first phase is the toughest phase of the New York diet. If you have enough discipline, you can lose up to seven kilos in this time. In the second phase, you can add small amounts of carbohydrates to the menu. Kirsch recommends beans, lentils, potatoes, apples and berries. In the third phase, you can put one of the coated products back on the menu every day. What made Naomi Campbell and Liv Tyler the dream figure above all requires a lot of discipline. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether the New York Diet is right for you.

New York Diet Not For Everyone

Since meals after 7 p.m. are taboo during the diet, the New York Diet demands a high level of discipline even from well-trained people. The New York Diet is not recommended for gout patients, as a fiber deficit can occur and the recovery times between training units are very short. Kidney patients should also be careful.

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