Diet No prohibitions on the Sonoma Diet

Diet No prohibitions on the Sonoma Diet

Freedom, sun and a good mood – that’s what California is known for. With the Sonoma diet invented there, connoisseurs get along without a ban. The new diet whets the appetite for oranges, avocados and seafood and even small snacks are allowed.

The diet concept corresponds to the Californian lifestyle: No more constraints and a guilty conscience – let us have a good mood and a conscious handling of food. The Sonoma Diet was developed by Dr. Connie Guttersen, the well-known US diet expert and biochemist. Similar to the Mediterranean diet, the Sonoma diet has quickly become the favorite diet for connoisseurs. Even Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston or Daryl Hannah are enthusiastic about the diet without prohibitions.

The three “waves” of the Sonoma Diet

In the land of surfers, the love of the sea must of course also be reflected in a diet for celebrities. So be curious about the three “waves” of the Sonoma Diet that will make your extra pounds disappear. The first wave lasts ten days and is used to change the diet. During this time, discipline is required: white flour products and sugar are taboo, even if they are found in fruit and vegetables as fructose. From the second wave there is no longer a ban. You don’t have to count calories and you can even plan for small sins. Fish, lean meat and fat in the form of high-quality vegetable oils, fruit, vegetables and pulses are allowed.

The only ban: large plates

As a rule of thumb, you can eat anything that fits on a plate. That is meant literally. The diameter of the plate must not be more than 18 centimeters in the morning and no more than 23 centimeters at lunch and dinner. The third wave begins after you’ve reached your desired weight and lasts indefinitely. With the Sonoma Diet, you learned to avoid sugar and white flour. From now on you can again afford sweet and fatty snacks without thinking about a ban.

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