Diet On the side diet: change in eating habits

Diet On the side diet: change in eating habits

With the side diet, the pounds will melt away without you having to go hungry. Since the diet is primarily aimed at changing eating habits, it is one of the few diets recommended by Stiftung Warentest.

With the side diet, the authors of the book of the same name focus primarily on a sustainable change in eating behavior. You will learn to recognize hidden fats safely and to replace classic fattening foods with lighter and healthier alternatives.

Simple tips for healthier eating habits

The authors show how you can lose weight by making small changes in your daily eating behavior without having to go hungry. In doing so, they clear up many diet mistakes. Did you know, for example, that light pasta not only has more fiber than rice, but also twice as much protein? Whole grain rice is also only partially recommended, as the nutrients cannot be optimally used by the body. Potatoes, on the other hand, only have half as many calories, more fiber and hardly any fat.

Sustainable weight loss with the side diet

By becoming aware of the many diet errors, you can easily avoid fattening things. The next step is to replace high-calorie foods with leaner varieties. So you can simply replace the sandwich from the baker (up to 500 calories) with a slice of wholemeal bread with lean cold cuts. Instead of the sugary muesli (also up to 500 calories), simply use flake muesli (245 calories). At lunchtime you could do without the fatty meatball (15 to 30 percent fat) in the canteen and instead opt for a chop or lean schnitzel. With these simple changes in your eating habits, you can save calories every day without having to forego delicious and, above all, healthy food. The by-the-way diet is therefore also recommended by Stiftung Warentest. It supports a long-term change in eating behavior and is guaranteed to have no side effects.

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