Diet These 7 things happen when you don’t drink enough

Diet These 7 things happen when you don't drink enough

Do you drink your two liters a day? If not, it is high time you do, otherwise you will harm yourself and your body in seven ways.

Are you often sick, tired, in a bad mood and simply not losing weight despite strict diet guidelines? The reason might be much more obvious than you suspect: you’re just not drinking enough! What can happen if you drink too little will surprise you:

1. You get wrinkles

It is not for nothing that models say it over and over again: water is the number one beauty secret. Your skin needs moisture and water is the number one antiaging agent. If you drink too little, this will first and foremost be noticeable on your skin: you get wrinkles faster!

2. You are more hungry

Drinks fill your stomach and you automatically feel less hungry: This is not just any nonsense, but medical evidence. US researchers from the “University of Illinois” have published a study in the “Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics”. There, participants drank water with their meals. The result: participants who consumed three more glasses of water per day saved 206 calories. That makes a whopping 18,000 calories in three months, which corresponds to a full 2.5kg of body fat.

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3. Your basal metabolic rate drops

The basal metabolic rate indicates the amount of calories your body needs per day in complete rest. If you drink too little, this turnover will decrease and you will use fewer calories per day.

4. Your kidneys and urinary tract are more prone to disease

Lack of fluids can lead to kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and constipation. Of course, it doesn’t just have to be water. Teas, homemade spritzers and freshly made broth are of course also part of the fluid balance.

5. You are in a bad mood and tired

This study also proves astonishing: The “Tufts University” in Massachusetts let volunteers do sports for an hour. Half were not allowed to drink beforehand, the others were. After the workout, the hydrated group did very well, the other complained of fatigue, confusion, and a bad mood. That means: Those who drink a lot can deal with stressful situations better.

6. You get sick faster

Without moisture, your mucous membranes in your nose will also dry out. These are there to filter viruses and bacteria from the air so that they do not get into your body. However, if the mucous membranes are too dry, they lose this ability. The consequence? Bacteria get into your body and you get sick more often.

7. Your brain power is deteriorating

If you are dehydrated, your performance is impaired, as water is the main component of the blood. If this can only flow slowly, our body will be poorly supplied, brain performance will decrease and you will become unfocused and slow.

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