Diet This is why you are always hungry!
Diet this is why you are always hungry

Diet This is why you are always hungry!

A roll here, a chocolate bar there. Food ends up in your mouth all the time. But why actually?

Some people can eat what they want and won’t gain weight. Others might eat all the time and don’t even know why. We reveal 5 reasons why you are constantly hungry!

High blood sugar level

If you treat yourself to a sugar snail in the morning, then you needn’t be surprised if you feel like something sweet again a short time later. Because of the simple carbohydrates it contains, the blood sugar level rises and the body has to produce more insulin. A vicious circle, because the latter causes food cravings. So rather grab a delicious whole grain bread!

Bad sleep

Have you ever nibbled on a bag of Haribo right after getting up? Then they definitely had too little and bad sleep. Because the body urgently needs energy to wake up, the desire for sugar increases extremely. This can be prevented by going to bed early enough, turning off the smartphone and getting eight hours of sleep.


If he doesn’t have his emotions under control, he tends to reward himself with “soul food”. Stress, fear and sadness make many people feel hungry. However, there should also be people who get absolutely nothing down in these situations.


A misjudgment that happens to many: Hunger is often confused with thirst. Also because it’s just hard to tell apart. In 60 percent of the time, people eat when they are actually thirsty. This has to do with the receptors in the hypothalamus. It regulates both the hunger and the thirst feeling. So if you feel like you’re not feeling full, it might be better to drink more.

Quantity instead of quality

Those who only eat snacks all day need not be surprised if they are constantly hungry. The body needs a certain amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins every day. Therefore, the quality and not the quantity of meals should be considered.

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