Diet This man ate pizza every day for a year – and this is what he looks like now!

Diet This man ate pizza every day for a year - and this is what he looks like now!

Proper nutrition for an athlete is often a hotly debated topic. An American athlete took the test and incorporated pizza into his daily diet.

Is Fast Food the Right Diet for Athletes?

Fast food, such as burgers, fries or pizza, often has a bad reputation with many athletes and health-conscious people. Above all, many see a feared weight gain or physical changes as possible negative consequence of excessive fast food consumption. After all, the newly gained muscles and the firm body should not immediately disappear under the fat that has been absorbed from the fast food.

The sporty American Brian Northrup wanted to put the prejudices and bad reputation of pizza and co. To the test. So last year he faced a very special and self-imposed challenge: the #Pizzapocalyse. For him, that meant only enjoying pizza as a meal for sports for 367 days and then document the physical effects. The result here was more than surprising.

Good nutrition for athletes doesn’t rule out pizza

Brian Northrup’s experiment was supposed to show the world that it wasn’t a matter of not eating without eating while exercising. It is therefore more important to follow a disciplined fitness program and stick to it. So whether you choose one or two pizzas a day as a meal for exercising plays a rather subordinate role. If you go through your exercise program at low cost, then fast food is also a good diet for athletes. Brian Northrup has documented his experiment on his social media accounts.

You should follow these rules of the game when eating, when doing sports!

Brian Northrup also has more tips in store. According to the American athlete, you shouldn’t eat more calories than you couldn’t burn off with daily exercise. You should also pay attention to the following things with your daily pizza:

  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Drink enough water

  • Maintain sufficient sleep and recovery phases

  • Follow your training goals in a disciplined manner

If these points are given, so would the daily enjoyment of pizza can be a good alternative for the diet for athletes. Because the healthy supplements ensure that there are no deficiency symptoms or bad blood values.

Plus, you can even get great results. Brian Northrup actually lost weight at the end of the challenge thanks to his unusual diet and disciplined fitness program and has even got fitter over time.

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