Diet tip These 3 tricks get your metabolism going

Diet tip These 3 tricks get your metabolism going

The secret to losing weight fast? A quick metabolism!

In addition to a healthy diet and exercise, what is the most important thing in order to lose weight successfully? That’s right: to get your metabolism running at full speed! The bikini season will officially begin in a few weeks’ time, which means that the last extra pounds from the long winter should disappear from our hips as quickly as possible. We’ll tell you how to do this here.

1. Put on the green metabolism booster!

And what could that be? That’s right: green tea! The green beauty miracle stimulates the activity of the metabolism by as much as five percent and reduces fat absorption. In addition, the green tea can slow down the rise in blood sugar levels after eating, which means that we are full longer and are less hungry.

2. Water is half the battle!

Are you drinking enough? Two liters of water a day get the metabolism going and he thanks you for it by working a third more. But by water we mean water: juices, lemonades or coffee are not included. If water isn’t your thing, try unsweetened tea or infused water. That also has 0 calories, but tastes good!

3. Good mood and lots of sleep are key

Even if that sounds banal: But a good mood and healthy sleep are the key to losing weight! Stress is the number 1 enemy of the diet and ensures that the stress hormone cortisol is released. The consequence? We sleep badly and have food cravings. So please smile and take a deep breath, then you will also lose weight!

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In the video: Jennifer Hudson – After a 36-kilo diet: is the yo-yo effect set in now?

After a 36 kilo diet: is the yo-yo effect set in now?

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