Diet tip With this diet, your metabolism gets going and your pounds drop!

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The Christmas cookies are heavy in your stomach and you feel totally bloated? Then it’s time to get your metabolism back on track. You should succeed with this diet. We’ll tell you how to melt the Christmas pounds.

Your metabolism somehow feels really slow after Advent and your pants are getting a bit tighter? Then the “Fast Metabolism” diet is for me! The method was developed in 2013 by the American scientist Haylie Pomroy and its concept is based on an active metabolism that ultimately leads to weight loss.

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The aim of the metabolic diet is to get the metabolism going with the right nutrients, avoiding certain food groups and exercising daily.

How does the Fast Metabolism Diet work?

The diet lasts 28 days, with each week divided into three phases, in which proteins, carbohydrates and fats are the focus.

Phase 1: Lots of carbohydrates, some protein, no fat

On days one and two of the diet, the focus is on carbohydrates. Whole grain products, legumes and beans are recommended. Noodles and white bread must be avoided completely, as wheat is forbidden. Fruits with a high sugar content, such as bananas and pineapples, are also allowed.

Phase 2: Lots of protein, few carbohydrates and little fat

On days three and four of the diet, the love handles are on the collar. The carbohydrates are now reduced, instead more protein is used. Meat and fish with vegetables are now on the menu.

Phase 3: some carbohydrates, some protein, lots of fat

Now the metabolism gets really steam again. Healthy fats such as salmon, avocados and nuts are on the menu. In addition, there are lean proteins and carbohydrates.

Here you can find out which home remedies you can use to get rid of your annoying belly fat!

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Take off at the stomach
These home remedies help against annoying belly fat

Arms top, legs well trained, but your stomach still worries you? We’ll tell you four home remedies with which you can reliably get rid of belly fat.

Boost your metabolism: what else is there to consider?

  • Dairy products, soy, dried fruit, wheat, processed meat, sausage products, corn and fruit juices are prohibited within the 28 days.

  • There are five meals a day. The first should be taken within 30 minutes of getting up. Another meal is then scheduled every 3 to 4 hours. Apart from that, it is very important that you drink a lot while dieting.

Can you do sports while dieting?

You should definitely not do without exercise during the “Fast Metabolism” diet. But on the contrary. The concept of diet is based on a balanced diet combined with exercise. Regular workouts will help you achieve your weight loss goal. In fact, you are allowed to do an exercise insert after each day of the diet.

What does the diet promise and can it work in the long term?

The diet promises to stimulate the metabolism and thereby increase the success of losing weight. According to testers, in some cases it is possible to lose weight up to ten kilos in 28 days. This is of course quite a lot and assumes that the nutrition plan and subsequent workout are meticulously implemented.

By not eating certain foods, the body automatically receives fewer calories. As with all diets that promise quick weight loss within a short period of time, caution is required here too.

If you go back to your regular eating habits after 28 days and possibly even do without exercise, the yo-yo effect is inevitable. It is better to continue to exercise and maintain a light diet after completing the diet.

So you don’t break a sweat while exercising – recommended by Marians Welt!

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