Diet tips handful principle: How to lose your pounds thanks to your hands!

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If you want to lose weight effectively with a diet, the size of your portions is one of the deciding factors. We’ll show you here how you can determine the right amount with your hands.

Many of us tend to clutter our plate when we eat and therefore just keep eating until it is empty even though we are already full. However, when dieting, it is important to stick to exactly the right portion size in order to lose weight. There is also a simple and effective yardstick: your hands!

How about a fruity salad for dinner?

Recipe: fruit salad mango, physalis and cottage cheese

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This is how determining the portion size works with your hands

As can be read in a report by the online magazine “”, the Danish nutritionist Suzy Wengel has one Method for determining the correct amount of food developed, which she calls the “handful principle”.

She tried this approach on herself and lost around 40 kilograms in this way. After the successful self-test, she described her method in detail in a book.

With the handful principle, you simply have to measure everything you want to eat with your hands. So you always have an overview of the portions and the amount of food with which you can effectively lose weight.

With this simple diet approach, you can eat four handfuls per meal. At least two out of three meals a day should be served according to the handful principle. And it works like this:

  • The first hand: This will measure the amount of vegetables you want to eat, such as broccoli or tomatoes.

  • The second hand: If you want to consume more vegetables, you can also pack the second handful of vegetables.

  • The third hand: It is responsible for your protein balance. Meat, fish or cheese come in here.

  • The fourth hand: This is a measure of the amount of carbohydrates you want to eat. Potatoes and pasta are one of them. The special thing about the fourth hand is that you can only fill half your hand with the amount of carbohydrates. The other half hand is filled with vegetables or proteins.

No rule without exceptions: sauces and dressings are not measured with the hands. It’s also a little difficult to keep these liquids in your hands. Therefore a spoon is used for this.

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Example of measuring a portion with your hands


When measuring the right portion of cheese, take your middle finger and press it tightly against your index finger. Then place as much cheese on the resulting surface until the surface is covered. You will then have determined the amount of cheese you can eat per meal. This works best with cheese cubes!

Pasta or potatoes

With pasta or potatoes, it’s very easy. For example, take a small potato in the palm of your hand. If half your hand is covered, then you have the right amount. If only a quarter is covered, you can put another small potato in your hand. If the whole hand is covered by the potato, then you have overcharged yourself.

It’s about carbohydrates, here you can only use half a hand as a yardstick. When determining the correct amount of pasta, proceed in the same way as with potatoes.

With this diet approach, you can effectively lose weight because you Eat exactly the right amount of food in the right combination with every meal. This also prevents cravings because your blood sugar level stays in balance.

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