Diet tips Weight loss made easy: thanks to this spice, your pounds will melt away!

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Give tasty food a spicy note and lose weight with it? Yes, that’s possible, say scientists. We’ll tell you here which spice not only convinces with its taste, but is also ideal for your slim line.

Its active ingredients can relieve pain, stimulate the metabolism, promote the immune system and are also suitable for weight loss. Those who season their food with chilli automatically eat less – according to a study. This makes the hot pods a real all-rounder!

We’ll tell you which plants also ensure a slim line here …

Medicinal herbs

Diet secret
These herbs make you slim

It has long been clear that the right diet is important when losing weight. But many underestimate the power of herbs that can effectively support you in losing weight.

Chillies satisfy hunger

The University of Vienna carried out a study with 24 slightly overweight men and was able to prove that chillies have a hunger-relieving effect! For this purpose, the test subjects were first given a solution of the active ingredient nonivamide. This has similar properties to the capasaicin contained in chillies, which is responsible for the spiciness of the fruit belonging to the paprika genus.

The test subjects who received the solution all instinctively decided on a lower-calorie and smaller breakfast. If you season with chilies, you also save calories.

So nothing “burns”!

Spicy food is not for everyone. If you don’t want to damage your stomach lining, you should start very small, because your body has to get used to the heat first. In the meantime, yogurt, milk and cheese will help take the spice out.

By the way: These signs show you that your organism urgently needs protein!

Woman eats yogurt

Protein deficiency
This is how you can tell that you are not eating enough protein

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for our body. Muscles develop from it, we need it for concentration and an intact immune system. A protein deficiency can therefore lead to serious consequences.

The oily and fatty foods bind the active ingredient ideally and also strengthen your bones. You can add variety and defuse to your dishes with tomato juice or potatoes. The sweetness of corn and honey can also help take the edge off savory foods. By the way, water does not help: it is the first to distribute the capsaicrin in your mouth and make it even more “burning”.

This is how you prepare chilies

So that the aroma of the chillies can develop ideally, you should let dishes steep for a long time. It is not without reason that many swear by the old housewife tip and prepare the classic chili con carne the evening before. You can also freeze chilies without losing the capsaicrin they contain.

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