Diet trend fat killer: slim down quickly with the apple diet

Diet trend fat killer: slim down quickly with the apple diet

Would you like to lose five kilos as quickly as possible? Then give the promising apple diet a try!

Summer is approaching and with it the bikini season. Women in particular are now increasingly concerned about their figure. If you want to lose weight very quickly, you should try the new apple diet. The fruits turn out to be true miracle cures!

A study by the University of Pennsylvania in the United States found that those who eat apples every day save up to 200 calories a day. With their ingredients such as pectin, potassium, vitamin C and magnesium, apples not only stimulate the metabolism and fat burning, but also inhibit appetite.

Lose up to five kilos!

Good reasons to try the apple diet right away. To do this, you should eat at least two apples every day, preferably with main meals. Whether cooked or raw! The pectin contained in apples ensures that the food stays in the digestive tract longer and that you are full longer. A lot of water should be drunk in addition.

If you can do that for a month, you can lose up to five kilos. Is that not enough? Then there is the hardcore version for quick success. Here you only eat apples for a week. It should be at least five to six apples a day. If you also drink a lot of water – preferably three liters – you can lose five kilos in just one week!

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