Diet trend Lose weight easily and healthily with the Dutch Diet – this is how it works!

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A holistic diet approach comes from the Netherlands, with which you can lose weight in an easy and healthy way. We’ll show you how the Dutch Diet works.

The Dutch-Diet is characterized by the fact that all foods can be used that one wants to eat. Carbohydrates are allowed as well as fat and protein. The key to losing weight healthily on this diet is the portion size at mealtimes.

The amount matters – this is how you lose weight in a healthy way

As the online magazine “” reports, the portion size of the Dutch-Diet is smaller than the amount of food that is on the table in Spain or Italy. Sufficient exercise also plays a major role in making weight loss easy. Exercise and diet therefore go hand in hand.

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Losing weight made easy: These foods are allowed

Fresh vegetables, dairy products, fruit and whole grain products are consumed in small quantities per meal. There are also legumes, nuts and yogurt. Fish shouldn’t be missing either. Salmon, for example, is rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which are healthy and will fill you up over the long term.

Thanks to the holistic approach of the Dutch Diet, you don’t have to do without your favorite foods, as there is nothing on this diet that you are not allowed to eat. In order to lose weight healthily, however, you should avoid too much alcohol and foods with a high sugar content.

In the video you can find out in which foods many carbohydrates are hidden!


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However, if you exercise enough, pay attention to a healthy diet and eat it in small amounts, then you can lose weight quickly and easily with the Dutch Diet. The balanced and varied diet ensures that your body gets everything from vitamins, minerals and fiber to stay healthy and fit.

In this sense, the Dutch Diet does not follow a strict diet plan with rigid regulations. Rather, this diet trend is a matter of personal attitude and lifestyle. And that’s where the Dutch are known for their easy-going, happy and relaxed manner. This is also reflected in the diet of the Dutch. According to the motto: Don’t go without anything and enjoy in small quantities!

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