Diet Trick If you weigh yourself in this interval, you will lose weight faster

Diet Trick If you weigh yourself in this interval, you will lose weight faster

Losing weight does not work without fasting and a workout. Fortunately, it’s a little faster with daily weighing.

“Trust is good, control is better.” According to a study by Duke University in America, this wisdom also applies to anyone who wants to lose weight. Accordingly, people lose pounds more efficiently if they step on the scales every day.

47 overweight women and men took part in the study. They received special electronic scales that transmitted the test subjects’ results directly to the scientists. That way, the researchers knew how often each participant weighed. In addition, everyone received nutritional tips by email and was encouraged to exercise. The experiment lasted six months.

We make good dietary resolutions, especially on New Year's Eve, but keeping them is not always that easy.

Losing weight starts in the mind
This is how you achieve your good diet resolutions

New Year New luck! Especially on New Year’s Eve, we like to do a lot of things that should be different next year and start the New Year full of motivation. One of the most popular resolutions, especially among women: From now on you can go on a diet! But everyday life strikes faster than expected and the good intentions are soon forgotten again. BioProphyl expert Dr. Martina Weber knows that losing weight starts in the head. She shared her best tips for perseverance with Marians Welt:

Control motivates

The result is surprising: all subjects who weighed themselves every day had lost an average of around 20 pounds. Those who only checked their weight now and then were only seven pounds, almost three times less. The scientists see the reason for this result in the feedback that the test subjects received. Those who checked their progress every day were more motivated to eat healthily and exercise more. Both measures that resulted in faster weight loss.

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