Dietary change Volumetrics: Eat enough and still lose weight

Dietary change Volumetrics: Eat enough and still lose weight

Losing weight according to the volumetrics principle is about eating food with a lot of volume – that is, lots of water – instead of energy-dense food. This leads to a better feeling of fullness and you can actually lose weight without feeling hungry, even though you are only adding 1,200 to 1,300 calories to your body every day.

Volumetrics – lose weight without starvation

The Volumetrics concept for losing weight was invented by the nutritionist Dr. Barbara Rolls. It assumes that the volume and amount of food consumed is decisive for a person’s feeling of satiety, and not its calorie content. According to the volumetrics principle, low-energy foods with a high content of water and fiber should be consumed. These are mainly fruits and vegetables, but whole grain cereals also ensure a feeling of satiety. In this way you can lose weight without feeling hungry and at the same time do not run the risk of consuming too few vitamins and minerals.

Lose weight with the volumetrics method

If you want to lose weight with the Volumetrics Method, three main meals are recommended daily, with lunch as the main meal. The main meals can be supplemented with small snacks, such as fruit and vegetable skewers. In order to lose weight, it is also important to consume the last meal at least three hours before going to bed so as not to disturb the body in burning fat at night. If possible, you should avoid warm and high-energy meals in the evening. Losing weight with Volumetrics is now advocated by many doctors and medical professional associations. It enables a gentle and long-term weight reduction without starvation, renunciation and deficiency symptoms. Many people who have been able to lose weight with Volumetrics even report more energy and zest for life.

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